Nadia Vaeh Promotes Female Empowerment with New Single “Monroe”

Pop Artist Releases Song in Honor of Women’s History Month
Los Angeles, CA — Pop artist, Nadia Vaeh has released an empowering new single, “Monroe.” A true pop anthem that will resonate with women around the world, “Monroe” pays homage to the female icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, Meryl Streep, Celine Dion and more. The single is available for streaming and download on digital music platforms worldwide.


Produced by Dion Shaw and co-produced by Tyler Spratt, “Monroe” is an alluring pop song that focuses on women’s empowerment and the positive outcomes that can result when women support each other. “I wanted to write a song paying tribute to many of the women who have influenced me as an artist, entertainer, and woman. “Monroe” to me is about being confident in yourself and working to uplift and inspire other women,” explained Vaeh. “We all have room to shine and when we allow that light to flow through, we can create space for others to do the same.” Humble and ambitious in her goals for the song, Vaeh hits the mark with “Monroe.” Marilyn Monroe is just one of the many iconic female role models that Vaeh name drops on the track but was ultimately given the song title. “Marilyn Monroe, I believe, was very much a pioneer in shifting how women have been portrayed since the beginnings of cinema. I feel like she existed in a very confusing time and was highly misunderstood. She spearheaded a different sort of self-expression for women in the public eye. She was bold and fearless.” Vaeh too is bold and fearless. Uplifting piano and drums create an epic and catchy ballad for Vaeh to sing her heart out to, and audiences can’t help but sing along.

The Atlanta native’s love of music started at just two years old. Her American mother and Lebanese father nurtured that love when they placed her in a traveling youth-choir. Her mother, a poet, has an especially important influence on Vaeh developing her lyricism and language. When she tragically lost her mother to suicide at just seventeen years old, the young artist’s course was forever shifted. She stopped making music, left her high-school band, and started down a path of self-destructive behaviors and self-sabotage. When she finally returned to music, she was desperately searching for anything that could help her deal with the heartbreak. With relentless resilience and perseverance, Nadia Vaeh has grown into the artist and performer she is today. Her journey is not only self-healing though, as she seeks to inspire those around the world with her pop music. As she put it, “I would rather focus on uplifting and advocating for a worthy cause than on just catchy lyrics and melodies. I am particularly drawn to pop as these ‘ear-worms’ do have such a powerful ability to create positive shifts in the world around us.”

Nadia Vaeh’s words aim to encourage women to embrace their own strengths and live in their truth to follow their dreams. It is apparent upon hearing the song that Vaeh is very passionate about empowering women. Proceeds of the song will be donated to GirlUp, a United Nations Foundation dedicated to advancing girls’ skills, rights, and opportunities to be leaders and to inspire a generation of girls to be a force for gender equality and social change. You can download or stream “Monroe” on digital music platforms worldwide. Keep up with Vaeh’s latest at: