Nadia Vaeh Releases Live Version of Hit Single “1,000 Cuts”

Los Angeles, CA – Pop artist, Nadia Vaeh, has released a live, jazzy-pop version of her single “1,000 Cuts.” This stripped-down version of the dark-pop single is about her stepping into her skin and owning all of who she is. For the release of this song, Vaeh will be donating proceeds to The Trevor Project. “The Trevor Project offers a much-needed safe space for the LGBTQ community and provides the love and support so desperately needed by those feeling in limbo,” says Vaeh. “1,000 Cuts LIVE” is now available on digital music platforms worldwide.

Since the original release of “1,000 Cuts” last Halloween, Vaeh has used this time as a self-love identifying experience. “Over the last year since releasing the original version of “1,000 Cuts,” I have been developing a love for the parts of myself, I and the world around me, are least acquainted with, like my sexuality,” explains Vaeh. With the influences of Jane Monheit and Sara Gazarek in mind, this spirited remake brings jazz to a whole new level. The soft drums played by Greg Essig are accompanied by the hum of John Moore Jr. on the trumpet and the spunk of Julian Keyz on piano. These three combined give the song a sassy, confident aura. The confidence felt throughout the track is a way to find comfort in becoming your true self. “To not be yourself feels like a slow death by 1,000 Cuts.”

A native of Atlanta, Nadia Vaeh discovered her love for music at the young age of two. Since then her music has pulled inspiration out of many genres and sounds from all over the world. In addition to using her songwriting to self-heal, her music serves as a platform to help others reconcile what they may not be able to express. Vaeh’s uplifting journey of healing through music has made her an advocate for the underdog.

“1,000 Cuts LIVE” gives a jazzy, audacious spin on the original pop bop. Her adventure through the depths of self-love and healing is moving and relatable. “I don’t want to be so afraid to outwardly celebrate and love someone just because their gender may not fit an ideal social narrative. It’s a lot of unraveling of years of social conditioning, but this song is a big part of my healing,” explains Vaeh.” 1,000 Cuts LIVE” is available on digital music platforms worldwide. You can follow Nadia Vaeh’s journey on Instagram @NadiaVaeh.