Nadia Vaeh Sparks Y2K Nostalgia in Newest Single “Leap of Faith”

Los Angeles, CA — Rising pop artist Nadia Vaeh just released her newest single, “Leap of Faith.” The title is appropriately inspired by the chances and sacrifices a rising artist is willing to make to achieve their dreams. “Leap of Faith” is now available for streaming and download on music platforms worldwide.

“I wrote ‘Leap of Faith,’ reflecting back on the times I’ve been happiest in my life,” Nadia Vaeh explains. The sampling of her witty commentary and the rev of her Corolla adds to the feel-good listening experience. The sculptural makeup of the song encapsulates the listener who is brought in by the autonomous guitar behind her vocals which lead to an exploding chorus, delivered in a true nostalgic, feel-good pop fashion. At first listen, “Leap of Faith,” seems like the ultimate carefree anthem, however, the inspiration and true meaning to the single digs much deeper. Vaeh wrote the song as no stranger to hardship, which can be discovered when she describes her experience with having next to nothing, but she still pursued her dreams. “I lived in my car to save money for my dreams and it was some of the best times in my life; couch hopping at friend’s places and just being a vagabond,” Vaeh explains. “Sometimes comfort is just a trap in disguise that is truly holding us back from reaching our highest potential,” she explains when describing what it was like to be without the everyday luxuries she had become so accustomed to. Despite these privations, “Leap of Faith,” was inspired by this strenuous time in her life, when she was ironically incredibly happy. The early 2000’s pop-sounding track was produced by Dion Shaw and Tyler Spratt. Vaeh’s longtime collaborator, Spratt also mixed and mastered the song.

Nadia Vaeh is known for being a conscious pop artist, aligning all of her releases with a like-minded charity. With “Leap of Faith,” she will be donating a portion of the revenue to Help Musicians. This UK- based organization has spent almost a century assisting musicians, helping them break through to their goals in the music industry and providing them with crucial mental health support. “Music creators are unfortunately so poorly compensated,” explains Vaeh. “Organizations like Help Musicians really give indie artists a fighting chance and the support that’s desperately needed.” Her journey is inspiring and has led her to advocate for people all over the world using her music. Her songs have been played on US and international radio and have received praise from Wonderland Magazine, Pop Wrapped, Music Connection Magazine, Dark Beauty Magazine, AudioFemme, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and more.

Thanks to “Leap of Faith,” a good cause is being supported and a highly danceable end-of-summer track is just waiting to be blasted through anyone’s speakers. This galvanizing pop tune is available now on all digital music platforms. A music video will soon follow. To stay up to date with this rising pop star, visit or follow her on socials @NadiaVaeh.