Nice Vice Drops Nostalgic Rock Anthem “No Ends”

Alt-rocker Channels ‘90s Inspiration With a Sneak Peek Into His Upcoming EP

Los Angeles, CA– Indie-rock trailblazer Nice Vice has just released his latest single, “No Ends.” The new song vividly shows his inspiration from ‘90s rock icons and features melodic guitars, heavy undertones, and honest, reflective lyricism. “No Ends” is now available to stream worldwide on digital music platforms.

“No Ends” conveys to listeners the range of talent of which Seth Horst, known musically as Nice Vice, is capable. Being in your twenties is an exhilarating yet confusing time, and “No Ends” displays the personal strife of having to figure that out. Horst explores how to set boundaries, learn and maybe unlearn life habits, and simply understand how to let things be in his newest single. “‘No Ends’ went through a lot of phases,” says Horst. “The chorus of this song was originally a slower verse from another track, but after some experimenting and switching things around, it somehow turned into this! It ended up being my favorite recording process of all the songs on the EP!” Similar to his previous release, “Bloom,” the new single was also mixed by Zak Van Zeumeren and mastered by Theodore Papadopoulos. Both songs have been a thrilling look into the upcoming EP from Nice Vice, which he has described as having two main themes. “Half of the tracks deal with different stages of being in love,” explains Horst. “Some good, some bad, and just the general feeling of new love and how great that can be and then also how bad it can be. The other theme is ego death: dealing with your own personality, breaking points, and becoming someone else.” The EP, entitled First Dose, will be released later this year.

Nice Vice kicked off his music career in his hometown of Toronto but has since relocated to Los Angeles. His music appeals to both modern and classic rock fans and is reminiscent of ‘90s rock sounds, with nods to his biggest inspirations, such as Pearl Jam, Counting Crows, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Coining these beloved sounds and tailoring them to his own artistry, Nice Vice has carefully curated his unique sound. The upcoming EP was wholly written and recorded on his own over the last two years, making his sound even more personal and valuable.

“No Ends” is a reflection of introspective thinking, learning about yourself and the people around you, and the feelings those actions evoke. The song is now available to stream worldwide on all music platforms. Stay tuned for a music video, set to be released April 7th, followed by his upcoming EP, First Dose, due later this year. To keep up with Nice Vice’s journey, follow him on Instagram @NiceViceMusic.