Nolo Grace Debuts Transformation With “Miss Perfect”

Alt-Pop Artist Turns Her Back on Convention with Stunning Video 

Los Angeles, CA — Emerging pop artist, Nolo Grace, has dropped her latest music video for the single, “Miss Perfect.” After battling her desire to pursue a career in music for about fifteen years, Nolo Grace takes listeners on a journey of personal development and female empowerment, teaching them always to “embrace who they are,” she states. “Miss Perfect” is an anthem for anyone who has ever felt the desire to break free of convention and pursue something they love for the sake of personal fulfillment. The single is available to stream and download worldwide, and the stunning video is now available on YouTube.

Nolo Grace produced and wrote “Miss Perfect” to let listeners know that ‘perfect’ is only as powerful as you make it, and you can break free from the mental shackles that bind you to that idea. The stunning video is a tongue-in-cheek commentary on the  picturesque Norman Rockwell idea of perfection that appears to be the gold standard of American living. But unlike the beloved quintessential American paintings, “Miss Perfect” highlights women of color and their frustration with being held to a standard that does not exist. With a women-led production team including  Sasha Rivero (Director)  and Tammy Santos (DP), Grace set out to take this dated and impractical notion and set it on fire. After striving for her own version of perfection for many years, Grace had, what many people would agree to be, a successful and ‘perfect’ life, dominating as a corporate executive on Wall Street. Yet it was that “pursuit for perfection that ended up being destructive,” she states. After earning two degrees from an Ivy League institution and mastering executive positions in the corporate world, Nolo Grace found herself in a place of complete burnout and knew she needed a change. Through emotive lyrics and a fusion of alternative pop beats, she re-establishes her identity, letting go of the one that once held her back. “‘Miss Perfect’ so perfectly marks the completion of a cycle for me — of creating the life I have always dreamed of — by coming to a place of self-love and self-acceptance.”

Growing up in New York with strict Korean parents, Nolo Grace found herself in an environment filled with lots of studying and books, and often relied on music as a comfort. “Music allowed me to escape to a different place, a dream space, and I always envisioned myself singing and performing,” she recalls. After years fighting against the waves of her musical passion, she gave in to herself and decided to pursue music, calling herself Nolo Grace. “Nolo” means ‘no longer,’ and it precedes her given name, Grace. “What I mean by that is that I feel that I’m becoming more myself than I’ve ever been by shedding past expectations and identity,” she explains. Once she said goodbye to her former self, she set out to travel the world as a digital nomad  and eventually moved to Los Angeles. It was there that she began to  craft her signature form of dreamy electronic alt-pop.“During this unprecedented time in recent history, I found myself in quarantine developing as a producer/artist and focusing on personal growth.”

“Miss Perfect” captures Nolo Grace’s metamorphic journey as she builds herself as an artist while inspiring crowds with her raw and touching story. Download or stream “Miss Perfect” now on digital platforms worldwide and watch “Miss Perfect” on YouTube. Keep up with Nolo Grace on Instagram @nolograce.