NuAsia Embraces Their Identity In Latest Release “This Country Of Mine”

Los Angeles, CA – NuAsia, a modern country band, has released their dance-pop single, “This Country Of Mine.” This unique take on the love that exists in America uses passionate and wholesome lyrics mixed with an uplifting rhythm and beautiful vocal performance. “This Country Of Mine” conveys a message of embracing one’s home while the building instrumentation suspends the listener through a musical journey. “This Country Of Mine” is available to stream and marks the third release from their upcoming concept album, Quiet Violence.

The single’s optimistic lyrics and catchy melodies help exemplify the idea that there is nothing we can’t resolve and overcome. “America is beautiful inside,” explains drummer Roshan Seresinhe. “We may have a few scars that have to be healed, but those scars don’t define who we are.” Written in a way that other countries can embrace it, as the words “America, America” can be easily replaced by another country’s name, this song can bring all a sense of identity and home. Seresinhe is the creative mastermind and one of the main songwriters behind this production. Lead vocalist and co-songwriter Saint Cloud performs this song with great confidence and power, pushing the common goal of the lyrics to unify people. Engineering by Trevor Coulter (Lykke Li, James Vickery, Matt Nathanson) and mastering by Adam Mendelson solidify NuAsia’s performance with masterful production coupled with strings, piano, and drums. “This is our take on where America is and what a great country it still is. As the song says, ‘There is hate in all these places, but there is love in this town.’”

This downright incredible sextet showcases NuAsia’s talent of six musicians creating a new lane and sound in the country scene after just recently getting featured on Rolling Stone for the first single off of their upcoming debut album. Brought together by their Asian descent and love for country music, they represent the up-and-coming sector of Asian artists in the country and pop scene. Their upcoming album, Quiet Violence, is one of the beginning steps in merging NuAsia’s extreme potential with its well-deserved place in the music industry. With a range of ages from 20 to 60, the band proves that music truly has no age limit. Their love for social integrity is showcased by inspiring listeners through their words and their alluring instrumentation, pushing the narrative of this inclusive and powerful band. Born from passion, “This Country Of Mine” denotes a strong message blended perfectly with danceable drum rhythms, enlightening vocals, and magisterial production.

“This Country Of Mine” highlights NuAsia’s distinct chemistry and ability to make listeners feel through their impactful and evocative words. This country band is diving into the pop scene and is giving fans a chance to see what’s ahead with their upcoming record. With fantastic production, ambient vocals, and superb writing, NuAsia is en route to being a very successful country-pop band that communicates concepts of unity and love. After their recent single and music video for “Quiet Violence,” a prominent feature on Rolling Stone, and their immediately embraced-by-fans cover of “Islands In The Stream,” it is clear they are devoted and have an assortment of talent. “This Country Of Mine” is now available on all streaming platforms worldwide. Follow NuAsia on Instagram @NuAsiaCountry or visit to keep up to date on future projects.