NuAsia’s “Quiet Violence” Marks the First Chapter of Forthcoming Concept Album

Asian Country Pop Band Details a Troubled Relationship in Melancholy New Single

Los Angeles, CA – Modern country pop band, NuAsia, has released their newest single, “Quiet Violence.” In an artful blend of passionate vocals, enchanting harmonies, and a building instrumental, “Quiet Violence” gives a stunning depiction of the desperation that comes with feeling a loved one slip away. The track is a melancholy, heartfelt tune detailing the initial stages of a relationship’s downfall, where one partner feels trapped in their sorrow as the other remains distracted from their affection. “Quiet Violence,” the first release lifted from their upcoming concept album, is now available for streaming on all platforms worldwide.

The single captures the raw and heartbreaking honesty of the song’s emotionally charged lyrics. Born from the creative mastermind that is NuAsia’s drummer, Roshan Seresinhe shares how the track remains open to various interpretations. “Although the track nor the video does not depict it being an affair, it can be translated that way,” says the artist. “The partner feels like she has no way out as she drowns in her sorrow.” The layered meaning behind the song and its heavy-hearted story allows listeners to place themselves in the shoes of the protagonist by drawing their own conclusions and connections to real life. Although, whichever way it can be interpreted, the lyrics are undoubtedly painful. “I can’t waste my breath on you one more time; feel like I’m holding onto what was never mine,” as sung by lead vocalist Saint Cloud is a beautiful recount of resignation to the situation. A painstaking message, coupled with the masterful production of strings, piano, and drums, creates a harmonious track dripping with emotive expression.

The sheer talent and passion for their craft make NuAsia one of the most remarkable bands that are paving a new path in the music industry. Brought together by their Asian descent and their love for country music, the six-piece act is beginning to establish their roles as vanguards to the rare but growing sector of Asian artists in the country scene. Their forthcoming album, Quiet Violence, is just the first stop on their pioneering journey to becoming one of the most successful Asian country bands. Led by creative visionary Roshan Seresinhe and supported by Saint Cloud’s poignant songwriting and ethereal vocals, NuAsia’s diversity in both culture and talent is simply unmatched. The other four band members include keyboardist Isamu MacGregor, an experienced musician that spent time touring with Colbie Callait; Mark Flores, one of the top Asian guitarists in California; Dhammika (DJ) Jayasinghe on bass guitar, and Janesh Ruwanpathirana on percussion. Ranging from the ages of 20 to 60 years old, the band is consistently churning out new ideas from a wide variety of perspectives that are likely to reach the hearts of any audience.

“Quiet Violence” showcases NuAsia’s ability to develop stories and create art that makes listeners feel seen is gives fans a sneak peek into what the album will bring. With ambient vocals, a stellar production, and beautifully tragic lyrics, this country-pop band embarks on a complex storyline full of love, loss, and reflection. A music video for the song is set to be released in the summer. “Quiet Violence” is now available on all streaming platforms worldwide. Follow NuAsia on Instagram @NuAsiaCountry or visit to keep up to date on future projects.