Olivia Reid Finds Her Stride With Latest Single “Runner’s High”

Indie-Pop Artist Muses About Moving Forward With Her Beat-Driven Track

New York, NY – Indie-pop artist Olivia Reid has swept in with the release of her latest single, “Runner’s High.” The electric track offers a glimpse into Reid’s forthcoming EP as she paves her way as an independent artist. Reid acknowledges the fast pace of life, imploring listeners to keep moving forward and to stay positive in the face of obstacles. “Runner’s High” is now available to stream and download on all platforms.

Coming in with a smooth, light opening before transitioning into a quicker-paced, pumping beat, “Runner’s High” grabs the attention of listeners with potent lyrics, and carries them through a musical journey perfect for a windows down drive or an outdoor festival. It touches on Reid’s perseverance, that even though challenges arise, there is a blissful nirvana in overcoming the odds. “Runner’s High” is a self-reflection, with Reid musing about her constant chase of progress, using the high that comes with accomplishing goals as a motivator. “’Runner’s High’ describes the way I’ve conditioned myself to be a workhorse,” explains Reid. “A product of growing up in America, I guess.” Yet Olivia Reid is a shining example of what hard work and constantly chasing after your dreams can bring forth.

The indie-pop artist explained that an early iteration of the track was sent to her via Instagram by co-producers Ry Jones and Bastian Testori. Jones shared the idea, highlighting the track’s luscious saxophone outro marked a perfect callback to Reid’s 2018 single “Organic Bloom.”  “When I heard the early version, I was so inspired. I immediately asked if they wanted to collaborate on it. The concept for ‘Runner’s High’ came so quickly. This song feels like that moment when I’m sprinting, and my legs finally seem to move faster than my thoughts. My mind is free. At that point, the high, the bliss – feels earned – and it’s most definitely addicting,” says Reid. “I’m so grateful that Ry sent that Instagram message. It was such an organic creative process.”

Based in NYC, Olivia Reid’s production style blends indie acoustics with exploratory electronic pop soundscapes, landing listeners in a visceral sonic world. Drawing inspiration from artists like Bon Iver, Norah Jones, Sylvan Esso, and Florence + The Machine, these artists have worked in tandem to mold her lyrical metaphors, musicality, stage presence, and, most notably, her love of sound design. Reid’s interests are diversified, exploring areas such as screenwriting, neuroscience, digesting current events, advocating for nature – she’s currently involved with Brian Eno’s charity EarthPercent – and listening to podcasts  – she formerly hosted Spotify For Artists and Notable’s Song Start podcast where she interviewed artists like Sam Smith, Victoria Monet, Hayley Williams of Paramore. With such profound sources of inspiration, Reid looks forward to releasing new tracks that touch listeners. As a self-proclaimed “chronic collaborator,” Reid has connected with audiences around the world via collaborations such as “Time is Mine” with Kidswaste, “What You Came Here For” with Jae Luna, and “Above the Clouds” with SŸDE. Her music has been featured in Flaunt Magazine, Brooklyn Vegan, The New Yorker, and American Songwriter and has been added to several official Spotify playlists like Happy Pop, Metropolis, Chill Tracks, Sunday Session, Dance Hits, and Golden Hour, garnering her over 40 million streams.

“Runner’s High” is the first of many tracks to come from Olivia Reid in 2023. Between her unique incorporation of synths, emotionally conscious lyrics, and electronic beats backing her glossy vocals, Olivia Reid is someone to watch out for. Stream “Runner’s High” on all digital platforms, and keep up to date with her by visiting OliviaReid.com or @oliviareidmusic.