Payson Lewis Releases Captivating New Single “Hotel Suite”

Indie-Pop Sensation Finds Freedom in a Surprising Place

Los Angeles, CA — Brilliant indie-pop artist, Payson Lewis, has released his new single “Hotel Suite.” With iridescent vocals and tongue-in-cheek lyrics, Lewis implores us to enjoy the feeling of freedom that comes with a hotel room, where you can be anyone you want for the duration of your stay. “Hotel Suite” is now available to stream or download on all platforms.

“Hotel Suite” is a gripping tune that masterfully conveys the feeling of freedom and rebirth through its lyrics and melody. Lewis’ inspiration for the song came from feeling like you have the ability to be anyone you want once you enter a hotel room. “The way it’s perfectly clean and tidy when I walk in. Knowing that all evidence of what’s happened in here before has been wiped clean and will be again when I leave. When I go to a hotel, in that room, I can be whoever I want to be. We all can,” says Lewis. Using his lyrical prowess, he is able to expertly convey this feeling of a cathartic escape. The song also draws upon an exceptional funky melody that has listeners dancing and singing along from the first beat to the last. “Hotel Suite” was recorded at The Jungle Room, mixed at Soldate Audio Services, and mastered at The Bakery Mastering. The framework of the song came together with the help of producer, Ben Soldate and co-writer, Brooke Jenkins; while the essence of the sizzling summer single was developed with Rob Humphreys on drums, Joel Gottschalk on bass, Adam Tressler on guitar, and additional bass and guitar from Ben Soldate. This ensemble of impeccable creatives delivers a track that captures the quintessential feeling of summer and freedom.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Payson Lewis began teaching himself to sing and play piano at a young age through his brother’s CDs and learning by ear. After moving to LA to pursue his dream, Lewis found success on NBC’s The Sing-Off where he finished in the Top 4. Since that time, Lewis has started a musical career that has spanned across the globe, performing in Taiwan and Korea, starring in theatrical productions in Chicago and Las Vegas, singing in multiple major motion picture soundtracks, and even acting in a variety of notable television shows such as; Jane the Virgin, How I Met Your Mother, and The People vs. OJ Simpson. Payson Lewis has continued to grow and cultivate his skills as a musician and has generated significant buzz with thousands of subscribers on his YouTube channel. His debut record Take Me Apart has amassed over half a million streams on Spotify and has even been featured in almost 100 music publications and blogs.

“Hotel Suite” is available to stream or download now and is just the latest in what has quickly become an impressive portfolio for an exceptional indie-pop artist. To learn more about Payson Lewis or to follow his musical journey, be sure to check out his Instagram @paysonlewis.