Payson Lewis Unleashes Electric Anthem “Blurrier”

Los Angeles, CA – Acclaimed singer-songwriter Payson Lewis has unveiled his highly anticipated single, “Blurrier,” a vibrant and energetic track that sets the stage for his forthcoming full-length album, Sorry To Keep You Up. With its captivating blend of upbeat melodies, electrifying guitar riffs, and introspective lyrics, “Blurrier” marks the beginning of a compelling musical journey that reflects Lewis’ personal growth as an artist. “Blurrier” is available to stream and download worldwide.


“Blurrier” captures the essence of Payson Lewis’ reflective adventure, as he navigates the intricacies of his time in the lively city of Los Angeles and ponders on the dreams that initially led him there. Through this compelling musical narrative, Lewis dives deep into prosperity and self-discovery, shedding light on the transformation he has undergone throughout the process.


With its soaring melodies and guitar-heavy instrumentation, “Blurrier” serves as the catalyst that propels listeners into Payson Lewis’ musical odyssey. The song embodies the exhilaration and unwavering determination that fueled his younger self, brimming with the unyielding drive to achieve his aspirations and conquer life’s challenges. However, as the song progresses, Lewis embarks on a path of self-reflection, exploring the profound questions that arise along his path. “We are all so hyperfocused on our own status and achievements, often at the cost of our own intrinsic human value,” Lewis explains. The powerful vocals, combined with the infectious energy of the guitar-driven song, create an irresistible sonic experience that resonates deeply with audiences, encouraging them to take a closer look at the life they have, asking themselves, is this what you really want? Is it worth it?


“Blurrier” showcases Payson Lewis’ songwriting prowess alongside co-writer Brooke Jenkins. Produced by the talented Ben Soldate, the track features a stellar lineup of musicians, including Rob Humphreys on drums, Tyler Carroll on bass, Adam Tressler on electric guitar, and additional electric guitar work by none other than Ben Soldate himself. With their combined artistry and contributions, “Blurrier” presents a seamless fusion of compelling lyrics and dynamic instrumentation, offering listeners an exhilarating musical experience.


Hailing from Philadelphia, Payson Lewis is a self-taught singer-songwriter who honed his skills by immersing himself in his brothers’ music collection. After venturing to Los Angeles to pursue his musical journey at USC, Lewis quickly gained recognition for his powerful vocals and alluring performances, achieving a Top-4 finish on NBC’s The Sing-Off. He recently released retrospection (19:30), featuring tracks “Back In Time” ft Leah Lewis and “Hotel Suite.” Lewis has gathered champions from publications such as CelebmixThe Honey PopParade Magazine, and Hollywood Life. Fueled by a desire to inspire positivity, Payson Lewis continues to refine his band-centric indie-pop sound, infusing it with a blend of nostalgic and contemporary elements, making a meaningful impact on the global music scene.

“Blurrier” is a testament to Payson Lewis’ artistic evolution, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating the transformative narrative that awaits on his highly anticipated debut album, Sorry To Keep You Up. “Blurrier” is available to stream and download on all digital platforms worldwide. Be sure to keep up with his future endeavors by following him on Instagram @PaysonLewis.