Paytra Inspires Individuality With New Pop Single “You Got The Sauce”

New York, NY – Captivating artist Paytra has unveiled her latest single, “You Got The Sauce,” a pop track with funk and R&B undertones, radiating an encouraging, uplifting vibe. The new single is now available to stream and download on all digital platforms.


Following her last release, the powerful “Motherfuckin’ Misfit American Anthem,” “You Got The Sauce” carries forward Paytra’s mission of celebrating diversity and individuality. The song radiates confidence with a daring combination of modern pop, R&B, and fusions of funk, echoing Paytra’s rare musical style. It serves as a reminder for listeners to embrace their distinctiveness and the value they bring to the world. Paytra infuses the song with her own experiences and values, creating an electrifying blend of sound and meaning. “Sometimes you need a reminder that no one can be YOU,” says Paytra. “What makes you unique? And what you add to this world. This song is that reminder that You Got The Sauce.” The song encourages listeners to relish in their own rarities providing comfort and reassurance for anyone who feels they don’t quite fit in.


Born and raised in small-town Michigan, Paytra ventured to New York City at the age of 16 to chase her music dream and has since honed a distinct sound that fuses modern elements with R&B, alternative, funk, and soul influences from the ’90s and ’70s. At 25, she has become an empowering voice, advocating for the voices of young women often left unheard. Through her music, she shares her own journey from being a shy small-town girl to a fearless pop star navigating the complexities of a male-dominated industry.


A proponent for change and truth, Paytra actively supports women entrepreneurs in her role as an executive board member at a New York VC syndicate firm. Her company, Paytra Publishing, partners with libraries and sync agencies to license music for television, film, and advertising, further expanding her impact in the industry.


Hot on the heels of her recently released five-song EP, Momma Taught Me How To Fight, Paytra’s forthcoming album Tiny But Mighty is eagerly awaited. It promises to be a showcase of self-expression and a masterclass in genre-blending pop, laden with catchy hooks and memorable melodies.

“You Got The Sauce” is a vibrant, audacious anthem for embracing our identity and celebrating our special qualities. Stream or download the track now. To stay up to date with Paytra’s journey, follow her on Instagram (@paytra_) or visit