PiPEllA Releases Dynamic New Single “Castles”

Nashville, TN – Rising cinematic rock artist PiPEllA has released her tragically beautiful new single “Castles.” A poignant tale of disillusionment and shattered happily ever afters, “Castles” conveys the nuanced heartbreak-to-anger trajectory that comes with realizing that the happy ending was nothing more than a hollow facade built on an illusory fantasy. When discussing PiPEllA’s inspiration for the song, she said, “I wrote this song for Cinderella from Into The Woods and Lagertha from Vikings and all of my favorite heroines who get the worse end of the deal but never really got to rage about it.” “Castles” is available now on all streaming platforms worldwide.


With ethereal vocals, a melancholic piano melody, and delicate lyrics, “Castles” speaks to listeners who want to be fully transported while listening to music. PiPEllA’s minimalist production style provides ample room for the listener to immerse themselves in the scene that she has evoked with her music. The track is emotionally charged yet laced with a subtlety that perfectly reinforces the emotional resignation that PiPEllA conveys in her lyrics. When explaining her distinctive vision for the heroine in her story, PiPEllA said, “Her trust and the illusions she’s built up are broken slowly as the story progresses. That’s why the song is not overwhelmingly passionate; I wanted it to break your heart in a way that’s subtle.” The song gradually intensifies, culminating in a powerful apex that swells with violin strokes and a charged beat, marking the transition from calm heartbreak to fiery anger. The track’s final lyrics, “Now there’s nothing left of us / But food for the fire,” leave the listener with a feeling of empowered fury. PiPEllA masterfully takes the listener through a musical journey that builds, keeping the listener on their toes. “Castles” was written by PiPEllA and produced by Chris Doss.

Raised in Houston, Texas, PiPEllA’s musical journey began at nine years old when she would write melodies for her brother’s music, ultimately leading her to create music of her own. Fluent in three languages (English, Spanish, Korean) and a recipient of a master’s degree in Global Entertainment from Berklee College of Music, PiPEllA’s expansive experiences are a driving force for her music. As a proud member of the Asexual Community, PiPEllA’s connection with the LGBTQIA+ community and her firsthand experiences with mental health have greatly shaped the content of her music. Moreover, she founded the showcase, “All Kinds of Ace” in Nashville for Asexual/Aromantic/Agender creators to connect and express themselves. Drawing upon her passion for fantasy soundtracks, cinematic pop, and arena rock, PiPEllA has crafted a distinctive sound that seamlessly blends the influences of musically celebrated artists such as Morgan Clae, One OK Rock, and Hans Zimmer. Her distinctive sound fuses these diverse elements, resulting in a truly unique and unforgettable experience that showcases her uncanny fantastical creativity. Following her first released single on the project “Afterglow” and follow-up, “Robot Overlord,” PiPEllA is immersed in creating her debut major project, PiPEllA: The Worlds Traveler.


Stream and download “Castles” on all digital platforms worldwide, and follow PiPEllA’s musical journey on her Instagram @pipellamusic and TikTok @pipella.music.