PiPEllA Releases Empowering New Single “Robot Overlord”

Nashville, TN – Soaring cinematic rock artist PiPEllA has released her fiery new pop single, “Robot Overlord,” an impassioned take on identifying as part of the asexual community while fighting for the representation they deserve to strengthen their community. “Robot Overlord” is available now on all streaming platforms worldwide.

The second single from her upcoming project, PiPEllA: The Worlds Traveler, confronts those misconceptions about being part of the asexual community. “Robot Overlord” is PiPEllA’s anthem for standing up to these stereotypes and empowering her community by acknowledging these stigmas. Inspired by an interaction on a dating site, after stating she was asexual, she was questioned if she was a robot, which PiPEllA explains, “I had been called a robot more than once by people outside the Ace spectrum because they couldn’t fathom that a real person might not experience sexual attraction,” when asked about the meaning of the song. The track leaves listeners invigorated and eager for more, similar to watching a movie with a happy ending. The sounds of the drums beating faster, as you would hear from a marching band exhibiting triumph and empowerment, add to the feeling of thrill. Along with the synths and guitar rising gradually in the background, PiPEllA passionately sings lyrics that describe her experience and fans will relate to, such as “my indifferences drive you mad, but soon you’ll understand I am your Robot Overlord.” “Robot Overlord” was written by PiPEllA, produced by Morgan Clae, and mixed by Tommy Sanker.

PiPEllA grew up in Houston, Texas, and started her musical journey at 9 years old. She found her passion for making music, writing melodies for her brother’s music, and soon after began writing her own melodies and lyrics. The rising artist is a trilingual polyglot (English, Spanish, Korean) who loves storytelling, and is currently based in Nashville, TN. Inspired heavily by film soundtracks such as Tarzan and Lord of the Rings, she has merged her imagination and fantasies with indie rock energies, art pop, and arena rock to give electrifying performances. PiPEllA is currently working on her first major project PiPEllA: The Worlds Traveler, with her first single from the project, “Afterglow” released last year, and her follow-up this month with “Robot Overlord.”

Stream and download “Robot Overlord” on all digital platforms worldwide, and follow PiPEllA’s musical journey on her Instagram @pipellamusic and TikTok @pipella.music.