Pop Artist Allegra Jordyn Releases Relatable Single, “Talk of the Town”

Toronto, Ontario – Emerging alt-pop artist Allegra Jordyn has just released her newest single, “Talk of the Town,” which will be followed by a music video on August 25th. The Toronto native sings about feeling unimportant and of being neglected by someone. “I wrote it about somebody who was garnering so much attention from everybody around them, and I started to feel like my attention wouldn’t make any difference in their life if they had so much of it already,” states Jordyn. “Talk of the Town ” is now available to stream and download worldwide.

The relatable lyrics paired with ghostly echoes set the stage for an emotional and raw, yet danceable track. The constant hunt for someone’s attention can be tiring, especially when it’s not valued or appreciated, which is what Allegra Jordyn preaches in the song. From the pop harmonies to the firm and declaring lyrics, “Talk of the Town” is a track anyone can listen to while vibing alone or with those who share the same feeling. “I held onto the song for years until I found someone who shared my vision for it. The way it is now is exactly how I heard it, but I had no way of explaining it to somebody else,” she explains. Produced and mixed by Chris Grey and mastered by Reuben Ghose, Allegra Jordyn’s ethereal and airy vocals stand out between the alt-pop beats and the track’s haunting yet industrial sound.

Allegra Jordyn’s modern electro, alt-pop style stems from listening to artists like Lana Del Rey, Billie Eilish, and BANKS, combined with her profound respect for notable songwriters like Stevie Nicks, Bob Dylan, and John Lennon. Going from writing short stories and scripts and then into poetry, she imagines, polishes, and revises her words until she has accurately crafted a song from start to finish. “I probably write my lyrics out 100 times before I record them,” Jordyn jokes. Moving from Toronto to Boston, where she studied at Berklee College of Music, she has only grown as an artist and mastered her craft.

“Talk of the Town” is ultimately an anthem for the givers out there to feel less alone and also learn when to set boundaries and say, “enough.” The single is now on digital music platforms worldwide. Follow Allegra Jordyn’s musical journey by visiting her at AllegraJordyn.com or follow her on socials @AllegraJordyn. In addition, stay tuned for the “Talk of The Town” music video coming out on August 25th.