Pop Artist Allegra Jordyn Releases Single and Video For “Numb”

Toronto, Ontario – Toronto pop artist Allegra Jordyn has released her glowing new single, “Numb.” Despite the seemingly melancholy title, Jordyn’s new track delivers lively brilliance with her strong, cogent vocals, coupled with an opulent backtrack. With a nostalgic drum beat reminiscent of hit 80s pop tracks, this single will appeal to those looking for an incredibly danceable song that holds deep emotional value. “Numb” is available now for streaming and download on all digital platforms, while a music video for the track may be viewed on YouTube.

Produced by Chris Grey, “Numb” pulls in listeners with an engaging piano progression leading to an upbeat drum and guitar chorus, complete with reverb that makes listeners feel like the song’s main character. In the chorus, Allegra Jordyn belts out her struggles of entertaining herself with nightlife to prevent the voices in her head from taking over, muting them “with the sound of the drums.” “‘Numb’ is what I like to call my anti-party anthem, and I think the video actively shows this,” she explains when elaborating on her single. “I wrote it at a time where I was suffering mentally but refused to let myself become numb to deal with my problems like people around me would do.”

Due to the strict COVID restrictions in Canada, Allegra Jordyn opted for a two-person crew during the shoot. The music video was shot, produced, and edited by Jordyn and Grey. It is illuminated by scenes of blue and pink tones, creating an ambient backcast to the video. The video shows her at an empty party surrounded by balloons and empty cups, showcasing her lyrics perfectly; “I spend every lonely weekend in private to stop myself from going numb.” Jordyn is also seen staring into an old TV as if looking for an answer from something that will only deliver blank static.

After growing up listening to classic rock artists, Allegra Jordyn acquired a profound respect for this legacy. Before writing lyrics and melodies, poems and short stories were her creative outlets. As a songwriter, her narrative arc is precise. She imagines, polishes, and revises her words until she has accurately crafted a story from start to finish. “I probably write my lyrics out 100 times before I record them,” she jokes. Having made music from her early teens on, she says the suite of songs reflects a new chapter in her creativity. Her music utilizes deep sonic layers – spectral keyboards, inventive drum samples, and a chorus of voices.

“Numb” marks the first single from Allegra Jordyn’s upcoming EP, Take It From Me, I Know. This beat-heavy track brings swooping build-ups and robustly alluring vocals, drawing in those who long for a nostalgic and emotional listening experience. “Numb” is now available for streaming and download on all platforms. Watch the video on her YouTube channel. Fans can visit her online at AllegraJordyn.com or follow her on socials @AllegraJordyn.