Raegan Sealy Gives New Perspective on Toxic Relationships in “Make ’em Jealous” (ft. The Gang of Angels)

Brooklyn, NY – Raegan Sealy has released her newest single, “Make ‘em Jealous” (ft. The Gang of Angels), an all-female choir from Nottingham, UK led by Honey Williams. This upbeat, indie soul piece breaks away from the typical narrative of a toxic relationship with a satirical spin. “Make ‘em Jealous” is available on all streaming platforms now.

“Make ‘em Jealous” sets out to reframe the cliché of being stuck in a toxic relationship. Fusing Sealy’s soul-pop vocals with an infectious recurring beat, the track shines a light of optimism on the self-delusion that so often keeps us from moving on. Through doing so, “Make ‘em Jealous” reclaims and celebrates that hopeful, second-and-third-chance-giving nature as a form of power – a display of empathy and strength, and a crucial part of the healing process – placing the shame in toxic dynamics back where it should be.

“What is it that we tell ourselves in order to ‘stay?’ How does our ego react to accommodate disrespect? And how hilarious is that, when you think about it? This emotional push and pull in these dynamics is truly often like a Laurel and Hardy sketch,” Sealy says about the new single. Staying in toxic situations because of hope and/or insecurity is something everyone’s experienced at some point in their lives. With lyrics such as, “Everyone wants a sip of my love, but they just get a taste,” Sealy shows off her undeniable confidence and spunk. With production credits from Jay Diggs and Robin Buyer, a feature from the all-female choir, The Gang of Angels, and writing assistance from Honey Williams, this fun track is destined to reach listeners on a deeper, more personal level.

Outside of music, Sealy is an advocate and teaching artist, and received a Fulbright Scholarship in 2015, one of the most prestigious academic scholarships in the world, along with her MFA from The New School. Continuing to sing and perform her own poetry, she has opened for Shane Koyczan, Kae Tempest, and Ice T. She even gave the first official TED Talk entirely in rhyming verse in 2019. Now based in Brooklyn, Sealy has beautifully fused her musical and writing talents to tell her story as a soul-pop singer-songwriter. Taking inspiration from a diverse range of artists from the Arctic Monkeys and Lana Del Rey to Yebba, Self Esteem, and Marina, “Make ‘em Jealous” is the first in a series of singles Sealy will release throughout 2023.

Raegan Sealy’s “Make ‘em Jealous” is sure to leave listeners feeling more confident than ever. The upbeat track, soulful choir, and unique vocals from Sealy come together to create a perfect breakup anthem. Make sure to stream “Make ‘em Jealous” on all digital platforms and keep up to date with her on Instagram @RaeganSealy or her website RaeganSealy.com.