Raff Pylon Creates Musical Alchemy With Solo Debut “Can’t Let You Go”

Los Angeles, CA – Raff Pylon displays his knack for hypnotic hooks and sleek grooves with his release of the new song, “Can’t Let You Go.” This song is for anyone who has experienced the affliction, misfortune and tribulation of falling in that tough kind of love. Pylon knows exactly what he’s writing about as he lives it before he puts the pen to the paper. “I don’t write off of a blank page,” Pylon exclaims. “I have to live. I write my songs from who I meet, what I witness, and how I feel.” Pylon makes it known that he is a credible source in this crazy game of love and heartbreak, with his engaging lyrics of dialogue to himself and that ‘somebody.’ “Can’t Let You Go” is now available for streaming and download on digital platforms worldwide.

“Can’t Let You Go” was created in collaboration with Grammy-winning producer “Trillionaire” Earl Powell who has worked with the likes of artists such as Jennifer Hudson and Keyshia Cole. Whether you’re hearing this poolside in sunny Los Angeles or in a venue in Montreal, this track will hit anybody right in the feels. With such conviction and yearning in Pylon’s mesmerizing voice, it’s hard to drift your attention elsewhere, but Powell does a full service by complimenting Pylon’s voice with a beautiful crisp drum kit and funky combination of guitar, bass and keys. Everything comes together nicely in a finely mixed and mastered final product which captures every aspect of the song beautifully. “‘Can’t Let You Go’ was an experiment I did looking through samples and the 3AM music magic happened,” explains Pylon. “A few samples worked perfectly together and it became that groove that we built the song on.”

With French ancestry and Canadian roots, Raff Pylon considers himself a citizen of the world. He has traveled extensively all over the world. The geographical connections between people and cultures reinforce his essential message. “Where you’re born doesn’t mean who you are,” he says. “The more I see the world, I want to talk to people about how we should be together. That’s how I see my music: It’s for everybody. People from everywhere can enjoy a moment with me.”

With “Can’t Let You Go,” Pylon solidifies himself as a solo artist after moving on from being the frontman and keyboardist in the popular Montreal-based band, Bridgeway. Catch Raff Pylon’s new release “Can’t Let You Go,” now available for stream or download. Keep up with him by visiting RaffPylon.com.