RAINNE Gets Personal With Stripped-Down Single, “Hollow”

Los Angeles Based Alt-Pop Duo Showcase Their Softer Side  

Los Angeles, CA — Alt-pop duo, RAINNE are known for their “darker, brooding, moody, and aggressive music” that leaves listeners in a world of mystery. Their latest single, “Hollow” is a refreshing contrast to their catalog. With its delicate, reverb vocals, gossamer piano lines, and echoing drums, RAINNE creates an immaculate musical setting for a song that emphasizes the hollowness one feels when separated from their lover.  Just in time for autumn, a season that demands introspection and internal growth, “Hollow” is now available on digital music platforms worldwide.

“Hollow” has numerous dynamics and lives in a space between genres, allowing it to shape-shift to listeners with diverse musical pallets. “With ‘Hollow,’ we wanted to craft a beautiful harmonic experience that adds a new dimension to our repertoire,” explains lead singer, Annie Dingwall. Lush vocal harmonies, eerie saxophone textures, and a passionate guitar solo only enhance the song’s alluring lyrics about a love lost. “Hollow,” written by Dingwall, also has a reputable list of outside contributions, including production from Matias Mora (Cyn, Alice Gray), additional production from Justin Klunk and PLAYDED (Patrick Ridgen), mixing from Keith Armstrong at Pietown Sound, and mastering by Justin Shturtz at Sterling Sound.

After meeting at a GRAMMY camp in Los Angeles, RAINNE, (singer/songwriter Annie Dingwall and saxophonist/engineer Justin Klunk), became fast friends with a musical chemistry that artists search lifetimes to find.  They are known for their live shows where Klunk takes on the role as musical director and Dingwall takes on the role of top-line songwriting and visual aesthetic.  There is a frequent and palpable “shock” that many audience members experience when they see RAINNE’s unconventional set-up for the first time in person.  Coming off of a short tour following the release of their singles, “Psycho Killer” and “Dirty Little Dream,” RAINNE is riding a train that is moving full steam ahead.

Listen to “Hollow” on all available digital music platforms, and keep in the loop with RAINNE’s new releases, tours, and promotions at weRAINNE.com.