Remy Reilly Drops Heartfelt New Single “Avalanche”

Indie-Pop Artist Describes an Irresistible Cycle of Love

Dallas, TX – Rising indie-pop singer-songwriter Remy Reilly just released her new single “Avalanche,” an eclectic and refreshing ballad about the vicious cycle of unpredictable relationships. “’Avalanche’ is a song about knowing a person is not good for you, but you always go back,” explains Reilly. The song is now available to stream and download on all platforms.

Self-written by Remy Reilly, “Avalanche” deals with the back-and-forth theatrics of a complex connection, ultimately giving into powerful emotional displays. It alternates upbeat, catchy sections with slower, more reflective ones, offering an authentic insight into the thrills and dilemmas. The rhythms of “Avalanche” blend seamlessly, alternating between guitar, drums, and synth sections accompanied by Remy Reilly’s register – a youthful delicateness paired with the maturity of a gentle soul rasp. “You are caught in a cycle of always failing with them, and every time you feel it coming on again, you feel the “avalanche,” and like falling dominos, it all goes downhill again,” comments Reilly. “You always know the outcome, but you still try.” Equal parts smooth and introspective, “Avalanche” builds up a mountain of feelings that is sure to transport crowds through an epic journey. “Avalanche” was produced by Matt Pence and Sarah Jaffee.

The sound Remy Reilly brings is consistently unique, innovative, and refreshing. She’s known for her versatile musical style and her expressive vocals that depict her original music in a way that is unique and authentic. Soulful in her voice, but loyal to pop rhythmicalities, the 19-year-old singer-songwriter from Dallas, TX is an exceptionally well-rounded musician who has been writing songs since the age of five. Having established herself as an emerging voice in the Dallas scene, her introspective and dynamic genre is set to be fully unique and authentic, touching on topics like self-love, female empowerment, and drawing from her own and her friends’ experiences. Reilly has opened for several big-name acts and has been nominated for four Dallas Observer Awards, winning Best New Act in 2018.

“Avalanche” is a diverse concoction of soul and blues qualities with playful pop-rock elements with the self-awareness and storytelling of the perfect ballad. Remy Reilly’s music journey is one that sets out to break boundaries and genres; it can be followed on her Instagram @RemyReilly, and her website The single is available to stream on all platforms.