Remy Reilly Keeps Her Heart Open In New Single “What Do Ya Know”

Indie-Pop Riser Reflects On The Power Of Still Seeing The Good In People

Dallas, TX – Indie-pop singer Remy Reilly has released her new single “What Do Ya Know,” a feel-good pop-rock anthem about keeping your heart open and falling in love again. This is the first song the emerging Dallas artist has released following her EP Avalanche, released last year, an eclectic five-track project touching on coming-of-age and spanning across genres. “What Do Ya Know” is available to stream and download on all digital platforms worldwide.

“What Do Ya Know” is a joyful celebration of new love and diving in head first. Committed to seeing the good in others, Remy Reilly decides to keep her heart open and fall in love, no matter what happens in previous relationships. Produced by fellow Dallas native Jonathan Tyler, the song creates an infectious euphoria, overflowing from the breezy, carefree pop-rock rhythmicalities to Reilly’s distinctive gentle soul rasp that she’s known for. Beneath the upbeat, lively exterior made to dance along to, “What Do Ya Know” reflects a newfound wisdom, one as blissfully open to possibilities as a happy ending in a film.

Instead of beating herself up for disappointments caused by other people, in “What Do Ya Know,” Remy Reilly reminds herself of the power of authenticity and staying true to yourself after experiencing heartbreak. “I was annoyed that I still saw the good in people after they had done bad things, but then I realized it was a wonderful property to have,” she comments. “There are going to be bad people in your life, but you choose whether you change it and take it as a lesson. I never wanted to change my personality or light way of looking at people just because one person wasn’t kind to me.”

The Texas-based indie-pop artist is constantly evolving in her sound, blending a plethora of musical influences with her poignant, vivid songwriting and soulful vocals. Pushing herself beyond the boundaries of genres, Remy Reilly’s distinctive sound is refreshing and innovative, made unique also by her commitment to authenticity. “What Do Ya Know” marks Reilly’s first single since her 2022 EP Avalanche. Touching on topics like self-love and female empowerment, and drawing from her and her friends’ experiences, Remy Reilly reflects on the trials and tribulations of teenagerhood with innate curiosity and authenticity. She has established herself as an emerging voice in the Dallas music scene, opened for several big-name acts, has been nominated for four Dallas Observer Awards, winning Best New Act, and has received praise from champions such as the Dallas ObserverMusic Connection MagazineElicit Magazine, and Prelude Press.

Equal parts bustling, euphoric, and laid-back, “What Do Ya Know” celebrates the early stages of a new romance and lets go of past experiences that didn’t quite pan out. The single marks another stepping stone for Remy Reilly’s sincere, energetic music journey. Download or stream “What Do Ya Know” on all digital music platforms. Follow her on Instagram @RemyReilly, and visit her website at