Remy Reilly Releases Reflective Coming of Age EP Avalanche

Eclectic Indie-Pop Riser On Maturing In a Cinematic Five-Track Debut

Dallas, TX – Rising indie-pop singer-songwriter Remy Reilly just released her debut EP Avalanche, an eclectic collection of bops and a ballad about a young woman’s struggles and experiences while growing up. Avalanche is now available to stream and download on all platforms.

The dynamic, genre-bending EP finds itself at the crossroads between youthful excitement and growing pains, alternating upbeat pop rhythms and dance-inspired moments with slower, introspective guitar-led reflections. Remy Reilly plays with lights and shadows, creating a palpable sense of ups and downs that makes space for her vulnerable storytelling, delving into authentic insights of thrills and dilemmas. “This EP focuses on the struggles of a teen girl making her way through high school and finding herself through her challenges of becoming a woman,” explains Reilly. Produced by Matt Pence and Sarah JaffeeAvalanche also features guest musicians Ben Barajas on bass, Charlie Wiles on guitar, Evan Jacobs and Jordache Grant on keys, and Matt Pence on drums.

In Avalanche, Remy Reilly finds and solidifies her sound through a mixture of pop rhythmicalities and the maturity of her distinctive gentle soul rasp. The five-track release includes previously released singles, “Avalanche” and “Lost Without You,”: respectively, a powerful ballad about the vicious cycle of unpredictable relationships and a glittering and refreshing post-breakup bop with a rock-inspired feel. Yet, navigating love and relationships is just one of the themes of the EP, alongside songs like “One Chance,” which Reilly comments is “a song about my older self, giving my younger self advice, giving her a chance to heal. I couldn’t imagine what the future would look like – but imagining what an older, healed version of me would say gave me the courage to get through it.” The transparency and vulnerability of the track bode well with the themes of growing pains in the EP – where songs like “Peer Pressure” and “Beauty” reflect on societal standards in a symphony of mature reflections.

The sound Remy Reilly brings is consistently distinctive, innovative, and refreshing. She’s known for her versatile musical style and her expressive vocals that convey a unique and genuine energy to her music. Soulful in her voice, but loyal to pop rhythmicalities, the 19-year-old singer-songwriter from Dallas, TX is an exceptionally well-rounded musician who has been writing songs since the age of five. Having established herself as an emerging voice in the Dallas scene, her introspective and dynamic genre is set to be fully authentic. She touches on topics like self-love, female empowerment, and draws from her and her friends’ experiences, and reflects on the trials and tribulations of teenagehood. Reilly has opened for several big-name acts, has been nominated for four Dallas Observer Awards, winning Best New Act, and has received praise from Music Connection Magazine, Prelude Press, New Scene Magazine, and more.

Avalanche is an eclectic mixture of young, pop-rock rhythms with the self-awareness and storytelling of soul and blues quality and the introspection of growing pains. Remy Reilly’s musical journey is one that sets out to break boundaries and genres. Follow her on Instagram @RemyReilly, and receive updates on Remy’s website at