Riley Owens’s Refreshing New Single, “Camino”

Singer-songwriter Marks New Musical Venture with Captivating Track

Nashville, TN — Nashville-based guitarist, producer, and singer Riley Owens has just released his latest track, “Camino.” What began as a casual improvisation turned into a lyrically rich and guitar-guided track about the abrupt end of a relationship. Catchy grooves paired with buoyant melodies make this song an infectious hit.

“I had been dating this girl, she was telling me about her day while I was noodling around on her guitar. I had that feeling ‘I need to record this right now,’ so I quickly started a voice memo. Moments later she sat down and told me she didn’t want to see me anymore. I went home, dropped that voice memo into Ableton, and “Camino” was born,” describes Owens. Through playful guitar and dynamic vocals that shift from delicate to commanding, Owens takes listeners on a journey of the ups and downs of recovering from the end of a relationship. “Camino” is now available to stream and download worldwide.

The name, “Camino,” stems from Camino Cielo in Santa Barbara. “I was living in Santa Barbara in the fall of 2020. I would head up to the mountains every day to write music. I need that kind of isolation to be honest with myself when I’m hunting for lyrics,” Owens explains. He ultimately relocated to Nashville to finish writing and producing his upcoming record, Emergence. While Music City is his home base these days, “the sound of Santa Barbara will live forever in this track,” he describes.

A multi-instrumentalist and record producer, Riley Owens was born and raised in Syracuse, New York, and studied Musicology at Cornell University before moving to California to pursue a career in music. Primarily a guitar player and singer, he writes and records all the instruments in his home studio. “Camino” was written and produced by Owens alongside co-producer Cyrus Elia. Elia completed the vision by guiding the production and arrangement, while drummer Francis Valentino was brought in to round out the rhythm section.

“Camino” marks the next chapter for Owens, as it’s the first single he will present as part of his upcoming record, Emergence. Download or stream “Camino” now on digital platforms worldwide. To keep up, follow @rileyowensmusic on Instagram.