Rising Pop Star Brooke Daye Releases Debut EP, THE NARCISSIST

Los Angeles, CA —   Brooke Daye has released THE NARCISSIST, her debut EP as a solo artist. An experienced songwriter, Daye created songs so personal she had to sing them herself. She dives deep into all aspects of heartbreak, exploring the pain through a nuanced and realistic style of writing. This release acts as a window into a dark and vulnerable moment in the artist’s life, a moment that has shaped the very person she is today. THE NARCISSIST is now available to listen to on all streaming platforms worldwide.

Proven by the success of the EP’s two lead singles, “DAILY” (834K+ streams on Spotify) and “SELFISH (451K+ streams on Spotify), THE NARCISSIST comes highly anticipated thanks to Daye’s signature early-aughts, pop-punk influence, and masterful lyricism. For her solo debut, Brooke Daye collaborated with producers Joseph Pepe, Jacob Lee, and Mike Hart, as well as co-writers Annie Dingwall, Gabe Reali, Rebecca Perl, and Michael Wax. The five songs detail the painful ending of a relationship with the artist’s first love. “Each song represents a different stage in the relationship, showing the fights, the back-and-forth doubts, and betrayal. It displays the good, the bad, and the ‘fuck yous’ that we go through during a breakup,” explains Daye. The EP opens with an upbeat and raw heartbreaker, “HARDER.” The rising star is able to create catchy and fresh pop anthems with deep lyrics that express the subtle nuance and emotional contradiction of an all too relatable situation. “DAILY, the EP’s first single, masterfully blends realizations of betrayal, anger, and defeat while “SELFISH” examines how you can have your self-worth destroyed but still know deep down that you always deserved better. “THE NARCISSIST is a look into my real life. It’s about trying to love someone who will only ever love themself and how their choices left me broken in the process.” Putting her pain into a time capsule, she recorded the vocals on the same day the songs were written, creating an authentic vulnerability that is relatable to their listeners.

Originally from Tampa, Florida, Brooke Daye moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of a career as a songwriter. Within ten months, she had signed her first publishing deal, a testament to her lyrical expertise. “I’ve always felt that I am a writer first and foremost,” explains Daye, so she hadn’t considered singing her own songs. That was until her vocals were featured on “Same Page” by Vincent and yetep, which has amassed over 7.4 million Spotify streams. She finds inspiration in other female singer-songwriters such as Demi Lovato, Hayley Williams, Avril Lavigne, and Julia Michaels, combining the best parts of each to create a slightly nostalgic, yet very current sound that is uniquely her own. The response to Brooke Daye as both a songwriter and performer has been positive, to say the least, with each song gaining hundreds of thousands of streams and placements in many playlists both domestic and internationally including Spotify’s coveted New Music Friday in several countries.

THE NARCISSIST perfectly showcases Brooke Daye’s many musical talents. She displays the unique ability to combine all the significant aspects of pop music while maintaining a fresh sound. Listen to the debut EP now on all streaming platforms worldwide. To keep up with Brooke Daye’s booming career, follow her on Instagram @BrookeDaye.