Ryan Tennis Drops Captivating New Single, “Oh, Alexandra”

Philadelphia, PA –  Singer-songwriter Ryan Tennis has just released his new single, “Oh, Alexandra.” “It’s a tale as old as time, and now it’s my time to tell it,” muses the world-touring musician. The tale is one of unrequited love with a twist, and the lively single, now available to stream on digital platforms worldwide, is an upbeat, heartfelt acoustic track that draws the listener in with its organic groove and conversational storytelling.

Ryan Tennis speaks of an undeniable connection with a close friend who “can’t wait to come over and show him her brand new butterfly tattoo.” He wishes she was more than just a friend, she’s happy with the friendship as it is, and so goes the age-old story…or does it? As Tennis’ warm, inviting voice rolls forward on a beachy acoustic groove infused with Latin rhythms, listeners begin to feel that perhaps there’s more to this one-sided love than just heartbreak. While the song expresses longing – “Why keep me lonely? Why keep me waiting?” – and a little disappointment – “as my mama used to say when I was just a little boy, she’d sing ‘you can’t always get what you want” – the prevailing feeling is one of hope.

As the story evolves, Tennis discovers that the inspiration he feels is not only about the love he has for his friend but about the new places he’s uncovering within himself through that affection – “Then suddenly a rhythm from inside/We played it with a light unbroken. It was shaking loose a joy I couldn’t hide/and pulling vines from trees that once were choking.” As the song cruises its way off into the sunset, listeners get the sense that “the ember underneath still glowing” he describes is the light of self-discovery sparked by this connection, and that perhaps this tale of heartache has a happy ending, even if the hero doesn’t end up getting the girl.

“Oh, Alexandra” captures the live energy of Tennis’ trio, drummer Joseph Keim, and bassist Elliot Garland. It was produced by Ryan Tennis and Pete Donnelly (The Figgs, NRBQ) – who also mixed the song – at Katonah Sound Studios and was mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering.

When it comes to songwriting and performing, Ryan Tennis admits that he was a late bloomer. He spent a majority of his teenage and college years dedicated to sports, playing as a 1AA All-American defensive lineman at Davidson College in North Carolina. After finishing both his athletic and academic career, Tennis was struck with the realization that music was his true calling in life and began to focus solely on making music and performing. He relocated to Philadelphia and kicked off his music career playing local venues and house shows, spreading his name and talent around the city. After internationally touring, playing hundreds of shows a year, and releasing three previous EP’s and three full-length albums, Ryan Tennis has never been more excited to share his new music and ever-evolving craft with the world.

“Oh, Alexandra” is a preview of Ryan Tennis’ forthcoming album, “Hey, Rollercoaster,” that in his words, “Sounds more like my true artistic voice than anything I’ve ever done.” “Oh, Alexandra” is now available to stream worldwide on digital music platforms. To keep up with the adventures of Ryan Tennis, check out his Instagram @RyanTennisMusic or his website RyanTennisMusic.com.