Samantha Margret Releases Valentine’s EP Mine // Negative Space

Los Angeles, CA – Singer-songwriter Samantha Margret has released her compelling new two-track EP, Mine // Negative Space. Margret’s stunning vocals and heartfelt lyrics deliver a beautifully poignant EP just in time for Valentine’s Day. Mine // Negative Space is now available to stream and download on digital music platforms worldwide.

“Everything has two sides—every great personality trait comes with a few bad habits, every good feeling eventually gives way to an equal opposite; that’s what I believe. And, every holiday has space for celebration and sadness,” explains Samantha Margret. “This EP is my gift to people who want to settle into Valentine’s Day with a little heartbreak this year.” Mine // Negative Space is a sentimental two-track EP produced by Margret and John Caviness AKA Easy Morning. Margret brings introspective and impassioned lyrics about love and past relationships in the first track, “Mine.” The melancholic ballad pines for a past love and reflects on the pain of letting someone go and seeing them move on without you. “Mine” revels in the melancholic revisit of heartbreak and betrayal that her audience can relate to. The tear-jerking single embodies the honest journey of a relationship and will undoubtedly tug at your heartstrings and leave you with a sharp pang in your heart. “I never get tired of playing it—of the lights going down, no percussion, no flash, no glitter, just me and the piano. Sometimes a sad song is the simplest and most potent thing in the world,” she explains. With the dazzling second single, “Negative Space,” Margret delves deeper into the absence of someone you love being gone from your life and the void they leave. “I learned about the concept of negative space in middle school art class: the idea of looking at the space around or between things to see them more clearly. Sometimes a person or a place will leave a gap—the place where it used to be. This song is about the strange mixture of suffering and sweetness that exists in that nostalgia, that negative space.”

Hailing from San Francisco, Samantha Margret is a songwriter, artist, and producer. Her music seeks creativity and originality while delivering authentic storytelling. Margret’s soulful ballads showcase the inspirational power of the female voice, with gripping lyrics about mental health, acceptance, and love. Her upbeat pop songs don’t shy away from a good time, and the diversity in singles shows her unique and captivating sound. Reminiscent of artists like Julia Michaels, Marian Hill, Sara Bareilles, and Andra Day, Samantha Margret blends unique production with raw and intimate lyrics creating a fresh, fun, and original style.

Samantha Margret’s emotional EP delivers powerful vocals with a passionate and heavyhearted look into her past with love. Download or stream Mine // Negative Space now on digital platforms worldwide. To keep up with Margret’s journey, follow her on socials at @samanthamargret or visit