Shane Garcia Comes Clean About Their “Evil Twin” In New Alt-Pop Single

Dominican-Ecuadorian Singer Recounts The Two-Faced Quality of Their Mania

New York, NY – Shane Garcia has released their new single, “Evil Twin,” an alternative pop track whose production makes it sound bone-chillingly ominous. The song was written from Garcia’s personal experiences with mania, described as episodes that they had no control over; the metaphor of the “evil twin” is used to illustrate the disconnected nature of Garcia’s manic self and the destruction caused to themselves during these episodes. “Evil Twin” is available to stream and download on all major music platforms.

Written by Shane Garcia and co-writer Jesse Fink (Noah Cyrus, Felix Sandman), “Evil Twin” starts off with Garcia waking up after a manic episode and visible scarring from the incident, after which they plead to a higher power with their husky vocals and slow vibrato. “I wrote this song with various experiences in mind from my own benders,” they explain. “I’ve had struggles with mental health, specifically bouts of mania that led to self-destructive decisions. By the end of those long nights and days when I was able to finally pull myself together, I felt like I wasn’t even in control. It was almost as if I was another person, an evil twin.” The track continues to detail Garcia’s unfamiliarity with their ‘twin’ doing things that they can’t remember, like “mixing liquor and E” and “[trashing their] apartment,” after which their twin “[flees] the scene at sunrise.” Garcia “used to be embarrassed about sharing” their experiences, but they “found power in not letting [their] mistakes rule [their] future;” “power through pain” is also cited as a major lyrical theme in their music, which is unmistakably apparent in “Evil Twin.” The lyrics have an air of vulnerability and fear, further building onto the eeriness established by the production. The combination of plot-like lyrics and stylistic choices, like the glitchy, “I got an evil twin” in the chorus, make for a song that sounds like it came straight out of a thriller movie or TV show. Produced by Benzi, “Evil Twin” appeals to listeners looking for goosebumps or a thrilling alt-pop listening experience.

Born and raised in New York, Shane Garcia has been singing for as long as they can remember and learned the ukulele at 17 to help them get over a breakup. Garcia cites MARINA as one of the most influential artists in their songwriting process, stating that her albums had them “in a chokehold” during their teenage years. Other notable artistic influences include Amy Winehouse for her truthful songwriting style, and Kehlani for her branding and sense of style. Their music has been featured on Ones To Watch, Dusty Organ, and StereoFox and has racked up over 1.6 million streams on Spotify.

As a rising queer alt-pop artist, Shane Garcia continues to expand their musical artistry with the release of “Evil Twin” and gives listeners a taste of what to expect from them in the future. Stream “Evil Twin” now on all major music platforms and be sure to check out more of Shane Garcia on their Instagram (@ShaneGarciaaa).