SLEEPLUST Hope to Find A Way Into Your Heart With “Over”

Los Angeles, CA – Indie-electro band, SLEEPLUST, released their latest single “Over,” an honest and heart-wrenching electronic ballad that explores the deep feelings caused by a failed relationship. It tells a vulnerable story of someone who comes to terms with being unable to pretend they are happy, when in reality they are still broken. Following up the success of their self-titled and Remixes EPs, “Over” is the first single off their forthcoming EP, and is now available for download and streaming worldwide.

Composed of honest and vulnerable lyrics over moody electronics and rhapsodic drums, “Over” holds a message that is easily relatable. Keeping their heart on their sleeves, the band sings lines like, “I hate that I can still feel you even miles apart, don’t tell me it’s over, I’ve got nothing left.” Vocalist Amber Ruthe explains that a very similar personal experience was the inspiration behind the single. “I’m basically saying that I don’t care if I open up old wounds and tear down this facade of how everything is okay when it’s actually not and no one is healing by ignoring what happened.” Since the subject hits so close to home for the band, recording the single was more intense than expected. Lead guitarist, Mike Pepe explains, “To me, it felt like we had to serve the song correctly, both sonically and lyrically, in ways that had not been approached before.” “Over” is an ode to embracing your feelings and not being afraid to share those with others.

SLEEPLUST is the creative collaboration of twin brothers, guitarist Michael Pepe and bassist Joseph Pepe, vocalist Amber Ruthe and drummer Sarah Luffred. Around the same time in 2015, the four members moved to Los Angeles to pursue music full time and would cross paths many times before coming together. The band’s music is a distinctive mixture of sounds as diverse as their backgrounds. Michael and Joseph, originally from Charlotte, NC, come from a rock and electronic background, while Sarah, hailing from Cleveland, OH, was deeply involved with hip-hop prior to the band. Amber, from Milwaukee, WI has origins in the electronic and post-punk worlds. With such diversity comes a unique approach to songwriting and with the result being honest music that they hope will strike a chord with their fans and listeners. With over one millions streams and a handful of television syncs behind them so far, this new single is the beginning of the band’s next chapter as they prepare their forthcoming album for Summer 2017.

SLEEPLUST aims to connect with listeners on deep levels with truthful storytelling lyrics. “Over” is a brutally honest song with a strong message that is easy to relate to. Be sure to download and stream “Over”, and check out more of the band’s adventures at

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