Strath Releases Sincere Breakout Single “Special”

Australian Psychedelic Pop Artist Hits His Stride


Los Angeles, CA — Australian pop artist, Strath released his new single “Special,” a track brimming with wonder and sincerity. Wistful melodies and sparkling synthesizers give “Special” an unmistakable aura of retro bliss as the production seeps with intense nostalgia. The single is now available on digital music platforms worldwide.

“This song is about the simple importance of making someone feel special,” explains Strath. “We need to feel appreciated so fundamentally to the point that it can border on being transactional. I don’t think that makes it any less sincere or beautiful.” Among the noise and complexity of everyday life, Strath offers a clear and universally relatable message: the simplicity and peace of someone making you feel truly valued and cared for. A refreshing and optimistic listen, “Special” brings audiences back to simpler times, something Strath consistently achieves in his music.

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Strath graduated from Harvard before moving to Los Angeles where he began testing the boundaries of psychedelic pop. Artists like Frank Ocean, Jamie XX, and Kevin Parker have played a large part in influencing his unique pop sound. Known for his dreamy and optimistic vocals swept across an ethereal, electric soundscape, Strath has already accumulated over 40K monthly listeners on Spotify.

“Special” is filled with moments of carefree clarity, as if Strath is floating through the stratosphere and has finally been provided with the bird’s eye view he needed to serenade those on the surface with his ideas. Here, he invites us to come drift through the clouds with him. With seven singles already under his belt, Strath shows no signs of stopping. Download or stream “Special” on digital music platforms worldwide and follow him on