Syd Carter West Drops Gritty New Single “Motorbike Man”

Vancouver, BC – Syd Carter West has released “Motorbike Man,” a dynamic blues-rock track that encourages listeners to let loose and embrace their deepest desires. This lively and gripping single is available to stream and download on digital platforms worldwide.

Combining West’s signature edgy rock vocals with a wild, carefree rocker attitude, “Motorbike Man” paints the picture of an alluring imaginary man to whom the artist is drawn. The track is fiery and passionate in a way that longs, both desiring this man and wanting to embody him. Vigorous rhythms are accompanied by sensual and in-your-face lyrics like, “He be giving me those sinful vibes, He be teasin’ me with those lustful eyes,” transporting crowds into an electric and tousled atmosphere.

In this track, Syd Carter West has been navigating her way through understanding and finding strength and potential through imperfections rather than striving for precision and etherealness. “Motorbike Man” is earthy, physical, and tactile, but its magnitude surpasses that as it becomes a powerful reflection on self-perception. “‘Motorbike Man’ is my muse,” West confesses. “The wild, carefree, gritty, and badass man I desire and the person I want to be. Through this song, I find inspiration in letting loose and tearing myself away from the idea of perfection and normal.”

The Vancouver-based artist has come a long way from her opera training at the age of 12, which she undertook at the Royal Conservatory of Music. Set on presenting her music with authenticity and clarity, she has cemented the beginning of her career in the Southern rock and roots scene before progressing into her own genre of blues-rock. West’s musical journey is one that does not ignore the struggles, but rather embraces them as energy. “Motorbike Man” is a further step on the ladder of authenticity for an artist who is determined to bring dynamic sounds and a wild, carefree attitude that is sure to animate and inspire crowds.

To keep up with Syd Carter West’s musical journey, you can follow her on Instagram @SydCarterWest and her website