Syd Carter West Drops New Single “Better Off”

Vancouver, BC – Southern rock artist and songwriter Syd Carter West has released her latest single, “Better Off.” The track uses a blend of a smooth guitar with a distinct twang, light and steady drums, and an emphasis on West’s robust voice. “Better Off” is now available to stream on all digital music platforms worldwide.

Preserving through hurt and pain is the main message in West’s newest track; she acknowledges the hardships a breakup can bring, while also acknowledging that sometimes the best thing to do is to move on. The track features West’s passionate and raw vocals that capture the emotions of a romantic ending. “‘Better Off’ is about the journey of moving on from a previous relationship and choosing to heal and grow from it, rather than acting on the pain and resentment,” says West. “It can be difficult for anyone to forgive and forget about exes, especially with the widespread access to social media, making it easy to check up on the person we’re trying to forget.” Syd Carter West inspires listeners that may still be in the process of healing, hurting, or moving on from a breakup with an encouraging message to put themselves first and become the main priority. “The relationship we have with ourselves will always be #1, no matter how cliche it sounds,” explains West. The song was written by West and John Ellis, who also produced the track.

Syd Carter West spent most of her adolescence involved in music. When West was 12 years old, she was accepted to the Royal Conservatory of Music, where she studied music theory and received classical and opera voice training. Over the years, West learned more about storytelling, both in performance and songwriting. She incorporates storytelling through eye contact and body language for her live performances and music videos. West began focusing more on songwriting and singing contemporary music when she was 19, a genre that is still her focus today. Syd Carter West has been featured in outlets such as The Alternate Root, Americana Daily, and Montreal Rocks.

“Some days will be easier – some days will be another challenge, but the more we focus on our well-being and what brings us joy, the easier it will be to let go,” says West. Download or stream “Better Off” on all music platforms now. To stay up to date with Syd Carter West, follow her on Instagram @SydCarterWest and visit