Syd Carter West Drops New Single, “Venom Hurts”

Vancouver, BC – Southern rock songstress Syd Carter West has released her newest single, “Venom Hurts.” The song is a distinctive blend of Southern rock, Americana, and blues-rock, clearly showcasing her powerful voice. “Venom Hurts” is an influential track about forgiving yourself and overcoming the obstacles in your life. “Venom Hurts” is now available on digital music platforms worldwide.

Authenticity and empowerment are qualities represented through Syd Carter West’s songwriting. She displays her veracity through her latest single, “Venom Hurts.” The track features classic roadhouse blues tunes, a strong guitar, and raw, passionate vocals. Syd Carter West explains that the heartfelt and deeply personal track is about realizing the pain one is experiencing and overcoming it. “[The song] embodies the emotional pain and personal turmoil I go through on a daily basis, but instead of asking for pity, I’m asking for nothing,” West explained that the song symbolizes forgiveness and growing into one’s self. “Venom Hurts” also advocates for mental health awareness and specifically calls out to anyone who suffers from issues with their mental health and the pain that can come from it. “Mental health doesn’t have to define who we are but rather the obstacles we can face and come back stronger and wiser,” said West.

Syd Carter West has been singing since before she could talk and spent most of her childhood immersed in music. At age 12, she began classical/opera voice training and studied music theory at the Royal Conservatory of Music. Her studies and lessons at the Conservatory taught her how to tell a story to an audience through eye contact and body language, something she still employs in videos and on stage. At age 19, West began to focus more on singing contemporary music and songwriting. She is influenced by Led Zeppelin and Freddie Mercury – both have inspired her writing and performance style. Audiences can see these influences in both her writing and stage presence.

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