Syd Carter West Drops Southern Rock Anthem “The Ugly Truth”

Canadian Songstress Delivers Gripping New Single  

Syd Carter West has released her newest single, “The Ugly Truth.” Her unique voice and signature sound are a flawless combination of southern rock, Americana, and blues-rock. “The Ugly Truth” is an anthemic track about self-acceptance; no one is perfect, and the ugly truth is more freeing than a pretty lie.  “I am my own person and my own individual whether you accept it or not. I went through hell trying to change myself, and it’s not worth it. I would rather be ridiculously weird than normal,” West explains.  “The Ugly Truth” is now available on digital music platforms worldwide. 

At the core of each of Syd Carter West’s songs is a message of empowerment, authenticity, and vulnerability; “The Ugly Truth” is a perfect example of that. Beginning with a heavy electric guitar riff accompanied by a daunting backbeat, the compelling single kicks off without hesitation. West’s deep, raw vocals grip you instantly, mirroring the poignant message behind the track. “‘The Ugly Truth’ is my confession that reveals my inner demons, flaws, mistakes, and that I’m unapologetically embracing my truth,” she shares. The spellbinding energy of the song leaves listeners feeling more confident about themselves and feeling powerful enough to stand up for who they are. “This song is speaking to those who ever doubted, misunderstood, judged, or belittled me, by letting them know that I’m done with pretending to be someone I’m not and trying to meet their expectations on who I should be,” West adds. Intricately woven lyrics paint a picture of personal fulfillment and freedom finally coming to fruition. “Lyrics are the gateway into an artist’s life and share special moments that others can relate to, and in order for the meaning to be clearly revealed, we as singers must convey that through clear words and emotions,” she says.

The Vancouver-based singer-songwriter has been singing since before she could talk. At age two, she was known to hum along to the radio in perfect pitch. At age six, she started contemporary voice lessons; wrote her first lyrics at age seven, and by age twelve, she dove into classical/opera voice training. She participated in voice competitions and studied music theory through The Royal Conservatory of Music, and at age nineteen decided to focus more on songwriting and singing contemporary music. “I feel like music is what I was meant to pursue. It’s my way of expressing myself in a safe space,” West explains. Musical legends such as Chris Stapleton, Led Zeppelin, and Freddie Mercury have played major roles in influencing her writing and performance style. She admires the way Chris Stapleton sings effortlessly and powerfully, as well as Freddie Mercury’s stage presence. Audiences recognize how these influences have translated into how Syd Carter West tells her stories, both on paper and on stage.

“This is me reclaiming my worth and confidently showing my authentic self with no more fear,” she adds. “The Ugly Truth” is now available on digital music platforms worldwide. You can follow the further adventures of Syd Carter West on Instagram, Facebook, and Spotify.