Tadashi and Bazz Team Up To Release “Left Behind”

Buffalo, NY – Prolific Japanese-American rapper and producer Tadashi has joined forces with Bazz to co-release the new single “Left Behind.” Charismatic and compelling, the track, which is available to stream, download, and watch, reflects an instant chemistry between the two artists, who had never met in real life. Feeding off each other’s energy in the studio, “Left Behind” was written in less than an hour. The track entangles transparent and profound storytelling with genre-bending dark-pop synth and electronic trap drum and bass that capture the intricacies of hip-hop, power-pop, and indie.

“Bazz and I knew of each other as we go to the same university,”  Tadashi says, reflecting on the collaboration. “He hit me up because he knew I made music. Our first time meeting, he pulled up to my place to record some tracks, and within 30 minutes of him coming over, ‘Left Behind’ was done.”

“Left Behind” expands and normalizes the conversation surrounding the trouble spots in society that teens are experiencing today. Speak candidly about the intense experiences of indifference, despondency, and social fatigue often felt by young adults, “Left Behind” highlights the importance of being honest with where you are in life and what you can give freely. It captures the realities of unrequited love from the side of an individual incapable of making time for a relationship by no fault of their own. A searing commentary on the mentality and psyche of our 20s, “Left Behind” spotlights the more profound, often unspoken complications of how being true to yourself can unintentionally lead to emotionally-charged exchanges, regrets, or unintentionally hurt feelings.

Tadashi’s ability to speak candidly about these intense life experiences has helped him earn the trust of his listeners, who have rocketed both him and his tracks “Pain” and “Used to This” to over 100k+ streams across all digital platforms, and his song “Need You Now” onto the radio in both the U.K. and the United States. His unique connection to his fans has allowed him to create a community-like platform through his music, where followers can bond, commiserate and embrace togetherness as they transition from teenagers to independent adults.

Listen to “Left Behind” now on all streaming platforms, catch Tadashi playing FIFA and performing live on Twitch at @ttadashiii, and follow him on Instagram at @_ttadashi_ or visit ttadashimusic.com for more information about future releases.