Taylor Watson Reflects on Toxic Relationships with New Single “Not My Type”

Pop Songwriter Dives Into Dating History with Nod to ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Los Angeles, CA – Pop artist and songwriter Taylor Watson has released her newest single, “Not My Type.” Inspired by Watson’s past romantic experiences, the song contrasts her track record of toxic relationships with her new, healthy relationship. “Not My Type” is now available to download and stream on digital music platforms worldwide.

“Not My Type” intertwines Taylor Watson’s signature powerful vocals with an introspective look at her dating history. The danceable track focuses on moving past unhealthy partners to find a relationship that thrives, even though it may not fit the criteria for a previous romantic type. “The song is about letting go of your ‘type’ if your ‘type’ isn’t good for you,” Watson explains. “It’s not uncommon for people to romanticize toxic relationship patterns, and even mistake them for attraction or love. If your ‘type’ is toxic, at some point, you have to find someone who isn’t your type. I did, and this song is about him.” Honest lyrics like, “I still want you even though you’re nice,” authentically depict Watson’s reflection on her past love life.

Produced by The 87’s (Mike Mac and Jordan Baum) and written by Baum, Mac, and Watson, “Not My Type” is an unconventional love anthem of realized self-worth. Watson credits the song’s narrative to the stark comparison between some of the volatile and jealous partners she’s experienced in the past contrasted with entering her new relationship for the “right reasons”. As a Grey’s Anatomy fan, Watson also pays a subtle tribute to the show with her lyrics, “you’re like coming up for air, when I was unaware I was drowning.” This is similar to a line Derek Shepherd says to Meredith Grey in Season 2 and again in Season 11, “you were like coming up for fresh air. It’s like I was drowning, and you saved me.”

For Watson, who grew up writing and performing songs about her life, music has always been about unapologetically telling her story. Her authentic vulnerability is a staple of each of her songs. “I remember sitting in a publisher’s office once, playing a song I’d written about missing my ex, and when it was over, she told me no one wanted to cut a song that made women seem weak,” Watson recalls. “But writing raw, honest lyrics that are both self-deprecating (at times) and self-embracing feels more like strength to me than hiding my moments of weakness or insecurity.” Her music is powerful pop that has audiences dancing and singing along while simultaneously encouraging them to prioritize self-love through the hurt. Inspired by artists like Taylor Swift, Julia Michaels, and Katy Perry, Watson is committed to inspiring others to unapologetically be themselves.

With effortless danceable synths that underscore a fresh perspective on love, “I’m so fucking glad you’re not my type” is a tag Taylor Watson penned to encourage listeners to stop romanticizing their attraction to a certain “type” of person if it’s for the wrong the reasons. The latest single is surprisingly self-aware, brutally honest, and endearingly romantic all at once. “Not My Type” can now be streamed on digital platforms worldwide with a music video to follow. To keep up to date with Taylor Watson’s journey through romance, self-love, and everything in between, follow her on Instagram at @TaylorWatson or on TikTok @TaylorWatsonOfficial.