The A.M.s Tell a Tale of Family and Longing in Debut Album ‘Ignite The Sky’

Seattle, WA – The A.M.s have officially released their debut album, Ignite the Sky. The 13-track album takes the listener on a journey through the true stories of Mariko Langan, one half of the duo, and her experience meeting her birth parents for the first time. The album is now available for streaming.

With three installments already released to the world, Ignite the Sky encompasses all that The A.M.s represent: a collage of genres and stories that summarize a journey the duo experienced in real-time during 2020. “Torn Vine,” the first single off the album, gave fans a glimpse into the mind of Langan and her internal struggle of curiosity about where her birth family was, and more importantly, who they were. Followed by the title track, “Ignite the Sky,” and the slow-building folk track, “Smoke,” the three singles come together to make a perfect combination of reminiscence and longing for the feeling of family. “It stripped me of my flesh and blood hollowed out my bones, disintegrated all of me like sand the dust of crushing stones,” on the track “Biggest Wave,” expands on finding a newly discovered yet omnipresent love. Whether romantic or familial love, it is never a straight path to happiness. The A.M.s exude this push and pull throughout the track. The song “Thirst for Rain” demonstrates the two’s skillful use of harmonies and melodies flowing throughout the rest of the album. Featuring organic, raw instrumentation and truthful lyrics, Ignite the Sky is a one-of-a-kind piece that takes the listener on a trip with Mariko Langan and Adrian Libertini. Family, whether blood or not, will find its way together, and this album truly depicts that.

Ignite the Sky showcases feelings of separation, yearning, and distance, which is fitting for a duo that makes music from 1000 miles apart. Langan (piano, backing vocals) and Libertini (vocals, guitar, bass) are long-distance friends who make their art remotely. Distance aside, the team has accumulated dozens of original songs and recorded the debut album at Earwig Studio in Seattle, WA.

Prepared to share their wistful, yet beautiful story with listeners, Ignite the Sky is a perfect balance of all that makes The A.M.s unique. The debut album is available to stream worldwide on all digital platforms. To stay updated on The A.M.s journey, follow the duet on Instagram @the_a.m.s_music.