The Dirty Shirts Ignite The Rock Music Scene With New Single “Gin & Roses”

Dallas, TX — Electrifying rock band The Dirty Shirts are back with a captivating new single, “Gin & Roses,” that leaves listeners craving more. The track sets the rock music scene ablaze with its infectious melodies and soul-stirring lyrics. “Gin & Roses” is available to stream and download worldwide.

“Gin & Roses” explores a world of passion and intensity, fueled by the classic combination of gin and the metaphorical allure of roses. With lyrics like “makes me feel alive like sunshine mixed with cyanide” and “hits like the first time, it gets me high,” The Dirty Shirts plunge listeners into an atmospheric soundscape that captures the essence of desire and temptation. Fusing enchanting pop-rock melodies with an irresistible chorus and bold guitar riffs, The Dirty Shirts embark on an exhilarating musical journey through feelings of intoxication and lust. “At its core, the song is about love, and the different ways it makes us feel, and I thought that was a great vehicle for a summer song,” frontman Nick Santa Maria explains. “I have a tendency to lean towards the moodier side of the spectrum, and not that it isn’t there on this song, but I wanted something that people would roll their windows down and turn up as loud as they could stand it on the way to the lake or by the pool this summer.”

“Gin & Roses” was recorded at Modern Electric Sound Recorders in Dallas, Texas, capturing the band’s explosive energy and translating it into a sonically immersive experience. The song was produced by Jeff Saenz, recognized for his work with acclaimed artists such as Leon Bridges, Reverend Horton Heat, and Nikki Lane, and engineered by Joel Raif. Santa Maria self-produced the demos and brought them to Saenz, who took those and ran with it. They paired guitars that sounded akin to The Clash or The Strokes with a bunch of classic synths, which took things in a completely different direction than the original demo, but it opened up a whole new world for Santa Maria, sonically. “Joel is an absolute wizard with synths. I think the more we work with Jeff and Joel, the more we’ll evolve our sound, and I can’t wait to see what we do next.”

The Dirty Shirts, a dance-rock group from Dallas, Texas, came into the music scene in 2021. Over the past couple of years, they have unleashed a series of singles and visually stunning videos, while embarking on tours throughout North America. Before the band’s start, Nick Santa Maria, the band’s founding member, and lead singer, had been touring as a sideman for country artists until the global pandemic hit. During this unexpected pause, Santa Maria underwent a transformative musical reimagining, culminating in the creation of a rock-centric band that perfectly encapsulated his passion and includes a cast of top-notch Dallas musicians. This marked the beginning of The Dirty Shirts. Melding classic glam like David Bowie and T Rex with modern sensibilities like The Weeknd, Foals, and The Killers, The Dirty Shirts combine their diverse influences, resulting in the release of their debut album, The Get Up From The Get Go, and a subsequent nationwide tour in 2022. Mesmerizing audiences with their dynamic performances of hit singles like “HEART ATTACK,” “Detonator,” and “Please Me,” the band swiftly gained momentum and continued to produce more music as their popularity spread. Notably, Santa Maria emphasizes their desire for their music to provide solace and comfort to their listeners, particularly during life’s most challenging moments.

From the pulsating rhythm and intoxicating lyrics, every element of “Gin & Roses” enthralls listeners and resonates with rock enthusiasts. This release sets the stage for an exciting year ahead for The Dirty Shirts, as there are more releases to come in 2023. For more about The Dirty Shirts, visit and follow their Instagram @thedirtyshirtsus.