thee B.P. Releases Sultry New Single “Lay Low”

New York, NY – Rising hip hop and R&B artist thee B.P. has released his dreamy new single “Lay Low.” Perfectly capturing the essence of the honeymoon phase of a relationship, “Lay Low” evokes a welcomed sense of romantic escapism. With an impressive vocal range and undeniable charisma, thee B.P. guides listeners into his blissful daydream. “Lay Low” is available now to stream and download on all digital platforms.


“Lay Low” is a masterful track that showcases thee B.P.’s exceptional talent and charisma. The smooth blend of R&B and hip-hop elements creates an immersive soundscape that highlights the beginning lovey-dovey phase of a relationship, leaving listeners feeling captivated and emotionally moved. thee B.P. states that “ You know you’re in trouble when she got you thinking about a nice lil private life where you two can lay low and take over the world.” The song opens with a soulful beat that sets the mood for thee B.P.’s introspective lyrics. His smooth and captivating vocals effortlessly glide over the beat, drawing listeners in and making them feel the depth of his emotions. The production quality of the track is exceptional, thanks to the collaboration of the three talented producers. HossyBeats, Lou Xtwo, and Drawzilla masterfully blend soulful R&B beats with modern hip-hop elements, resulting in a mesmerizing soundscape that enhances thee B.P.’s vocal performance.


thee B.P., originally named Brandon Michael Purdy, spent his childhood in a small town in upstate New York. As the son of a DJ, music has been running in his veins from a young age. A passion for music came naturally to him, as he couldn’t help but sing and dance wherever he went. Harboring an unwavering drive to make his mark, thee B.P emerged onto the hip-hop and R&B scene with notable momentum. In 2022, his debut year in the industry, he dropped two 16-track mixtapes Simpin Pimp III and B.O.M.B. Part One. Standout tracks such as “Me & U” and “WRONG BITCH” immediately captured listeners’ attention with mesmerizing flows and expressive melodies. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of musicians, thee B.P. ‘s unique sound is heavily influenced by hip-hop moguls such as iconic 90’s New York rap artists Jay-Z and Notorious B.I.G. The Atlanta trap scene has also played a major role in his development, as his sound takes cues from trailblazers like Young Thug and Future. Additionally, thee B.P. ‘s deep admiration for the late pop legend Michael Jackson has also impacted his style. His last single “Strike A Pose II” gained praise from Remixed MagazineThe Word Is Bond, and Landon Buford.


With such a diverse range of influences, thee B.P.’s music truly stands out from the crowd. With a fierce determination and undeniable talent, thee B.P. is destined to make waves in the hip-hop and R&B industry. “Lay Low” is available to stream worldwide on digital music platforms.