Tommy Boi Releases Compelling New Pop Single, “Blessing In Disguise”

Rising Pop Icon Drops New Track In Support Of the LGBTQIA Community

Los Angeles, CA – Pop artist Tommy Boi has released his compelling new single, “Blessing In Disguise” in support of the LGBTQIA community. Tommy Boi delivers sweeping vocals on this powerful and hopeful pop ballad about living freely and openly as your true self. “Blessing In Disguise” is now available to stream and download on digital music platforms worldwide.

With Tommy Boi’s booming vocals and dynamic vocal range, he reflects on growing up feeling trapped and the struggle of coming out as gay in his community. “This song is about facing your true inner self and praying to god that person can see the light of day. Praying that the person inside banging to be free actually makes it out,” explains Tommy Boi. “As the child of two pastors, I grew up in a very Christian household. I was doing all the right things in their eyes and was kind of a golden boy. But there came the point where I fell in love with a boy, and after that, I went through a couple of really tough years battling coming out publicly and being rejected by a lot of the community I was raised in.” His heartfelt expression of struggling to come out to the world as gay reminds audiences they are not alone in their journey and not letting external expectations and pressure control their lives. With Tommy Boi’s rich vocals, the delicate simplicity of the piano, and swelling of strings, he delivers a captivating pop ballad to express his hardships as a gay man alongside the many others who are struggling and fighting to live a life true to themselves. “Blessing in Disguise” was co-written with Austen Butler and produced by Elliot Polokoff.

Tommy Boi is an up and coming pop artist based in Sacramento. With his first single only coming out two years ago, the young artist has accumulated 5 million streams across platforms, has released a string of moody pop singles, did his first headlining shows, and has been praised for his “dreamy brand of pop that soothes the soul”. With a diary-like approach to pop music, Tommy Boi’s music explores themes of love, loss, and growing up through the lens of a hopeful romantic. With major support from Apple Music and Spotify (garnering 100K+ monthly listeners) the independent artist has developed a global fan-base that has fallen in love with his raw, honest, and vulnerable lyrics. Tommy Boi has performed at the Santa Barbara Pride Festival in 2019 and has also played for the Breaking Pride Event at the Peppermint Club with other queer pop icons like Michael Medrano and Davy Boi.

With his robust vocals and compelling message, Tommy Boi’s new track “Blessing In Disguise” is an inspiring and relevant pop ballad in solidarity with the gay community. “My journey of accepting myself and coming out was complicated. With everything happening in the world right now, I hope that Blessing inspires people to continue fighting for themselves even when it feels like all hope is lost.” Download or stream “Blessing In Disguise” now on digital music platforms worldwide. To keep up with Tommy Boi’s journey, you can visit