Veronica Bianqui Challenges Social Pressures With “Sunday Cups”

Los Angeles Songwriter Releases Bluesy Pop Single

Los Angeles, CA – Veronica Bianqui has released a soulful new single, “Sunday Cups” that infuses elements of blues with her traditional garage-pop wheelhouse.  The single is stripped-down in nature, helping to emphasize the solemn mood in Bianqui’s understated vocal delivery.  The highly metaphorical lyrics are a satirical stab at the social pressures preventing many from wearing their heart on their sleeve.  “Sunday Cups” is available for download and streaming on digital music platforms worldwide.

Produced by both Veronica Bianqui and Matt Adams (of The Blank Tapes), “Sunday Cups” showcases Bianqui’s clever songwriting as well as her instrumental prowess. “The lyrics are essentially a tongue-in-cheek criticism about the social pressures many of us feel sometimes to not put our emotions on display,” Bianqui explains. “Often we hide what we are really feeling for fear of stigma, and we keep our emotions contained.”  This thought-provoking message is insinuated by the chorus, which suggests listeners save their “Sunday Cups” for Sundays. Bianqui instructs the audience, “Keep your cool and your sweet tooth contained.” From the sonic front, the single effectively creates a solemn, yet soulful mood as a result of the open production and the prominent background vocals. “The song represents my newer approach in writing more stripped down, sparse songs. I also wanted to try something different by bringing in Nina (Kasuya) and Tatiana (Sandate) on backup vocals, as opposed to singing them myself like in my other tracks.”

The Los Angeles-based artist has performed in bands touring across the U.S. and Europe. As a current member of 1960’s inspired folk/surf/psych rock outfit The Blank Tapes, she balances the two bands, often collaborating with bandmate and co-producer, Matt Adams. Her musical background includes musical theatre, jazz, classical and even Indian classical music.  Additionally, Bianqui credits much of her musical inspiration to her mother’s propensity for blasting The Beatles and Joe Cocker around the house. At her live shows, Bianqui and her band consisting of up to 10 members—reminiscent sometimes of a revue– combine classic showmanship with a heartfelt directness that keeps the music intimate.  Bianqui continues to impress major press outlets, rightfully earning write ups in LA Weekly, Ones to Watch, NBC’s SoundDiego, Buzzbands.LA, in addition to radio play on KCRW.

“Sunday Cups” is an unconventional, yet effective, message that highlights the social norms of “keeping your cool even when it’s fake.”  While Veronica Bianqui’s musical talent is clearly evident in her clever songwriting and fitting emotional delivery, it is further reinforced by her impressive guitar work.  “Sunday Cups” is now available for download or streaming on your favorite digital music platform. Keep up with her by visiting