Why-Axis Releases Upbeat New Single “Shoulders”

Why-Axis just released his new lighthearted and upbeat track “Shoulders,” expressing his thoughts and reflections about a rocky past relationship. The catchy song has an undeniable groove and bounce to it, alongside his unique flow and lyricism. “Shoulders” is now available to stream on all digital music platforms worldwide. 

“‘Shoulders’ is about my relationship with a partner that kind of goes between loving her and also being annoyed by her at the same time. The track is just showing how I talk about things annoying me from her, but also being a bit lost without her,” explains Why-Axis. The buoyant new track shows his immense versatility while giving Why-Axis the space to vent about this rough relationship’s mixed feelings. The dynamic beats and instrumental is driven along by his effortless flow and creative vocals. The breezy fluidness of “Shoulders” highlights Why-Axis’ impressive and artistic ability to create a unique and innovative new sound in and outside of the rap genre.

Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, Why-Axis has opened shows for Doja Cat and played for Cardi B and Future. The genre-bending artist first discovered his love for music through producing since the age of 14. The name Why-Axis originates from valuable lessons learned, both in and out of the classroom, about finding the good in adverse situations and creating positive solutions. After producing for other artists, Why-Axis found his own voice and unique sound, realizing it was an outlet to express his thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Why-Axis has continuously released music that defies genre, transforming the rap genre in an unforgettable and refreshing way. With bits and pieces of other artists’ influences found within his music, Why-Axis is functioning in new territory and wants to keep it that way. His music is already making waves in his home country of Ireland and across the world. His six EPs have garnered much attention from outlets like EARMILK, Soul Doubt, Breaking Tunes, District Magazine, and more.

Why-Axis isn’t bound to one genre and is continuously reinventing and leveling up his fresh and modern sound.  “Shoulders” is now available to stream on all digital platforms. To stay up to date with Why-Axis’ upcoming projects, you can follow him on Instagram @why__axis, or Twitter @axis_why.