Wowashwow Drops Funky New Music Video, “Heatwave”

Body Positive Hip-Hop Artist Sheds Light on the Cannabis Industry

Los Angeles, CA – Rising hip-hop artist and female powerhouse, Wowashwow, has released the music video for “Heatwave,” a transformative track fused with confidence and body positivity off her latest album, I’m a Hashole. Armed with bad bitch energy and unique style, she brilliantly blends her passion for self-confidence with her advocacy of cannabis, making this fashionable video the perfect complement to the song. The retro-vintage-inspired music video will have audiences gearing up for summer. The music video for “Heatwave” is now available on Youtube.


“‘Heatwave’ is a song with two different perspectives,” says Wowashwow. “On one hand, you have a song that’s meant to make your soul come alive and fill you with the confidence of a lioness, but it’s also talking about the environments weed can grow up in.” The music video opens with Wowashwow’s hypnotizing speech encouraging the audience to “vibe and groove.” Filmed in the desert at the infamous Pink Mirage House owned by iconic music video director, Damien Sandoval, the visuals of a rather dry world are brought to life through Wowashwow’s colorful personality and wardrobe, which was styled by Troy C Ford of The Suga Shack. Her vibrant colors blended with her fiery confidence encourage viewers to find their inner lioness. Directed by Michaella Page at Voodoo Visuals, Page, Gary Gifford, and Lionel Christian came together to deliver a legendary production. “The Voodoo visual team and I really wanted to focus on creating a solo performance video to show the growth I continue to show as an artist since the first video drop,” says Wowashwow.


As an avid cannabis entrepreneur, Wowashwow is quickly making herself known in the industry. In addition to the music video, she is playing a show with notable names, such as Snoop Dogg and Travis Barker at G4 live at the Kaos at Palms on May 14th. G4 is an event that helps create a safe space to educate and support the community of cannabis entrepreneurs as they take their business to the next level.

Ashley Greenwood, known musically as Wowashwow, was born and raised in South Jersey and Philadelphia and has been heavily involved in music for most of her life. Writing her first song at just six years old, she quickly began performing concerts at local churches and county fairs, and at age 14, she picked up the electric guitar. By the time Wowashwow was 17, she had started a punk rock band and began touring, where she opened for Marky Ramone of The Ramones. Her familiar sound is credited to her hip-hop influences during her college years in New York and her move to Philadelphia, which shaped every aspect and crafted it to perfection. An activist in the cannabis industry, she has been active in breaking the stigmas around cannabis consumption and has been getting people to see her vision through her music and social media. Her latest album, I’m a Hashole paved the way for her as a hip-hop artist. With features in MTV Next, Smash Magazine, and Hip Hop Weekly, it’s clear that she is quickly becoming a female powerhouse in the industry.

“Heatwave” is now available on YouTube. To stay up to date with Wowashwow, follow her on Twitter at @Wowashwow1 and Instagram at @Wowashwow.