XOHA Releases Powerful New Single “TOO LATE”

Los Angeles, CA – Teen-pop singer XOHA has released her newest single, “TOO LATE.” The upbeat track highlights the angelic and robust voice of XOHA. Written from the perspective of a strong female figure, the song is interlaced with retro-contemporary beats, concealing a confident punch packed within. “TOO LATE” is now available to stream on digital music platforms worldwide.

In her newest single, XOHA explores her journey of flourishing into a more confident being by overcoming self-doubt and toxic people. “‘TOO LATE’ delivers a message to all of the people struggling with relationship issues, giving them the freedom to find their inner power and level up in their lives, leaving unnecessary people behind,” explains XOHA about the track. XOHA sings about self-development as well as the newfound strength she’s gained after freeing herself of negative energy, driving her to excel in her chosen path. Produced by Chad Bamford, the song emphasizes XOHA’s silky voice and is built up with harmonization and a lively distinct beat. The track focuses on being done with negativity, and instead choosing to rise above and continue to do what makes you happy. The title fits perfectly with the lyrics as it conveys that everyone is “too late” in an attempt to change her mind; she is going to continue singing and creating music. She will continue to grow in her confidence and strive to better herself. “TOO LATE” is a track that highlights self-love and building yourself up when others try tearing you down.

XOHA has been involved with music for most of her life. She began singing at age five, picked up the guitar at age eight, and learned how to play the piano at age 10. Her spot at one of the oldest independent schools in Los Angeles has enabled her to thrive in both the arts and academics. XOHA eventually found her love for writing and poetry, which led to songwriting. From listening to 80’s rock music with her dad to participating in choir and musicals, she pulls from a wide variety of influences. Her music has been featured by Adobe & Teardrops, Girl.com, Divine Magazine, and more.

“To all my friends out there: internalize this electric energy and become the absolute version of yourself,” exclaims XOHA. Download or stream “TOO LATE” on all digital music platforms now. Stay up to date with XOHA by following her on Instagram and TikTok @XOHAmusic.