Zach Churchill Releases COVID-19 Inspired “Would You Believe Me”

Los Angeles, CA — Singer-songwriter Zach Churchill has released a new single, “Would You Believe Me,” loosely inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic. The song comes from the story of two people who met online during the height of COVID-19 and built an intense, fantasy relationship in order to escape the cruel reality of the world around them. “Would You Believe Me” is now available to hear across streaming platforms worldwide.

“Would You Believe Me” is a soft, acoustic ballad that tells a one-sided narrative about an online relationship created during the pandemic. While the COVID-19 pandemic has been one of the most devastating and difficult times many have ever seen, some aspects of it have been harder for some than others, particularly lockdown and self-isolation. With a 6,000 mile distance between the two lovers described in the song by Churchill, the love seems too good to be true, given they have never met. “‘Would You Believe Me’ is about a deluded, hopeless romantic trying to convince himself that it’s possible to turn a fantasy into a reality,” Churchill explains. The lyrics, accompanied by the plucking of acoustic guitar strings, describe the narrator’s desire to finally meet this person he’s become infatuated with, describing it as the only moment he has to hope for in a “world gone mad.” Within Zach Churchill’s vocals, listeners can hear the desperation and excitement of a man eager to meet the one he loves. Written by Churchill and Julian Coryell, who also produced the track, the song describes a situation that may have been more fantastical before 2020, but most people can now sympathize with.

California-native Zach Churchill breathes a refreshing sense of vulnerability and storytelling with his songs to the singer-songwriter scene. He discovered his musical interests when he started singing as a child and picked up the acoustic guitar at age 13. A few years passed, and Churchill began his songwriting journey while still in his teens. His influences range from Elton John to Radiohead to Chet Baker, both musically and vocally. Additionally, Churchill has studied vocal performance and music industry studies, earning a degree in the latter from CSUN. “Would You Believe Me” is the second single from his upcoming album, “Heartbreak and Hope,” due early next year.

 The new single “Would You Believe Me” tells a modern-day love story full of distance, heartbreak, and false hope in a seemingly unrealistic relationship. Zach Churchill delicately twists a combination of a timely, relatable current event with a tale as old as time: a strained love. “Would You Believe Me” is now available to stream worldwide. To keep up with Zach Churchill and his music to come, follow him on Instagram @zachchurchillmusic or visit