Zach Churchill Releases Honest Album Heartbreak & Hope

SoCal Singer-Songwriter Pens Emotionally Raw Debut Record

Los Angeles, CA – Pop/rock singer-songwriter Zach Churchill has just released his debut album Heartbreak & Hope for the world to hear. The album showcases 11 tracks, featuring his two previous singles, “Bartender” and “Would You Believe Me.” Heartbreak & Hope is an intricate narrative going through the last decade of Churchill’s life, highlighting the trials and tribulations of his twenties. Heartbreak & Hope is now available to stream worldwide on digital music platforms.

The songs on Heartbreak & Hope serve as musical mile markers commemorating a ten-year journey through his twenties — a decade that he barely survived. He touches on the lessons and challenges he faced in songs like “Bartender,” a track that chronicles a harrowing heroin overdose, and “I May Be.” In addition to a multitude of different subjects discussed on Heartbreak & Hope, Churchill incorporates vulnerable vocals and a variety of musical sounds and genres on the album, from acoustic singer-songwriter songs to upbeat pop/rock melodies. He credits his collaborator Julian Coryell for this, who produced the album and co-wrote with Churchill. “Julian was able to take my songs and put them in new outfits, to vary them stylistically and create dynamic contrasts,” Churchill explains. “I can’t say enough about his musicianship and his ability to help me get to the truth of what I wanted to say.” Songs such as “Heartbreak & Hope,” the title track, and “All These Lies” convey the heartbreak that Churchill felt in romantic relationships throughout his twenties, and how he looks back at them now. “I would do things differently. I make mistakes every day, but to go back and correct them would defeat the purpose. I’m grateful for exactly where I am.” The album was recorded at West Triad Studios in Venice, California, and features guest musicians Eva B Ross who contributes backing vocals on “Bartender” and Mark Schulman (Pink, Cher) who drums on “Are We Still Here” and “Heartbreak & Hope.”

California native Zach Churchill conveys vulnerability, emotion, and powerful messages with his thought-provoking songwriting skills. Crediting artists like Radiohead, Elton John, and David Bowie as his biggest inspirations, you can hear the diverse influences of their music and songwriting in Zach Churchill and how he tells his stories. His musical journey began at the age of 13 when he started practicing guitar and began songwriting later into his teenage years. Moving on to study vocal performance and music industry studies, Zach Churchill is a well-seasoned artist who is more than ready to make his powerful debut into the world with Heartbreak & Hope.

Heartbreak & Hope is a defining moment for Zach Churchill. Across this span of songs, his testimony is offered with transcendent sincerity. “The failed relationships, the loss of people, the search for identity,” he concludes. “It’s all real, and it’s my story.” The album is now available to stream worldwide on digital music platforms. Be sure to keep up with Zach Churchill and his musical endeavors by following him on Instagram @ZachChurchillMusic or by visiting his website