The Most Professional PR agency

Trend is one of the most professional PR agencies I’ve ever run into – they know exactly what we look for, understand our timelines at the magazine and are very personable to work with. I’m constantly impressed with their clients’ quality of music we receive for review. If you’re looking to promote your music in the most effective way, then being part of Trend is for you.

Aided in us getting a record deal

The Trend team really care about their clients. Our publicist Amanda is the coolest and understands what makes our band unique. This translated in the awesome video we shot with FUSE and in dozens of press write-ups, including major print publications we got during our first record release campaign. The press contributed to making our debut to the public a success and even aided in us getting a record deal for the next album!

Setting a Higher Bar

Business in LA can be a mullet of a personality… smiles in the front and a surprise mess in the back. With Trend, what you see is what you get: a smile in the front and a friendly, professional collaboration until the job is complete. Always a pleasure to be able to work with their talent and team.