Erin Greider Takes You On A Wild Ride In New Single “45 Minutes Without Traffic”

Los Angeles, CA – Emerging pop-rock sensation Erin Greider has released her new single, “45th Minutes Without Traffic.” In an era of music that often leans towards the extravagant, Greider’s approach is refreshingly down-to-earth. The Native Angelino captures the feeling of dating, embracing the thrill of spontaneity, and reveling in life’s lighter moments. Her lyrics are a testament to the Southern California feeling, bringing listeners on a captivating journey. “45 Minutes Without Traffic” is now available on all major streaming platforms.

As Greider explains, “This song is essentially about dating, having fun, and not taking anything too seriously.” These sentiments resonate throughout the track, making it a relatable anthem for anyone looking to embrace the spontaneous joys of life. “45 Minutes Without Traffic” isn’t just a song; it’s a musical embodiment of the Californian way of life. Produced by Michigan native Topher Mohr, a longtime collaborator, the song is sure to capture the hearts of every listener.

Erin Greider’s musical journey began young, from writing songs with her childhood best friend, to starting guitar at eight and recording her first song at 13. Greider has been creating music her whole life, from performing an original song at her 8th-grade graduation to buying her bass guitar at 15. “I feel really lucky to have grown up in a place that values art and entertainment. My mom would take me to the El Capitan in Hollywood every weekend when I was really little, and my dad would always go to the movies, a concert, or the opera with me,” she says. The day after Greider’s graduation from Chapman University, where she earned degrees in screenwriting and economics, she released her debut single, “Loser,” with her first live performance soon after. In the fall of 2021, Greider released her debut full-length, Sim Controllers. Inspired by singer-songwriters like David Bowie, Lorde, and Taylor Swift, with influences from her time studying film, Greider has crafted a sound that blends power and vulnerability.

Through “45 Minutes Without Traffic,” Erin Greider crafts a window into her soul. With its dynamic energy and raw emotional depth, this track is a breath of fresh air in a crowded music landscape. The single is now available to stream on digital streaming platforms worldwide. Fans can connect with Greider to follow the latest updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses into her creative process via her Instagram and TikTok @ErinGreiderMusic.

Emerging Artist Collective Every Us Delivers Transcending Single “AWCB”

New York, NY – Every Us, the rising music collective, is excited to make waves with their latest single, “AWCB,” an acronym for All We Can Be, taken from their eagerly anticipated, self-titled EP, Every Us. Their musical mission is to encapsulate those moments when individuals feel part of something larger than themselves. “‘AWCB’ is about the side of you and the version of ‘us’ that only comes out between two people in love.” With inspirational lyrics advocating building a version of the future that only exists for two people, combined with harmonious melodies, Every Us seamlessly unites transcendent elements in their music. “AWCB” is a collaborative masterpiece featuring the talented singer-songwriter Olivia Reid and Chynna Sherrod, and it represents the collective’s commitment to promoting their music, brand, and community through their artistry. With two singles already in circulation, the collective is gearing up for the EP’s spring release and a forthcoming video series. “AWCB” is now available worldwide.

Every Us is known for crafting music that paints vivid emotional landscapes for its listeners. “AWCB” achieves this by transporting audiences to ethereal heights, making them feel as though they’re “falling from the top of the world.” The track utilizes suspense, blending a serene and catchy chorus with dynamic verses infused with drums, leading the listener on a transformative musical journey. Ryan Jones, creator of Every Us, stated that “in love, you create your own unique ‘us’ when you’re both together, taking parts from both of you. The lines ‘color in all of my pieces, make mosaics of our bones’ illustrate that.” The song’s climax is a synergistic endeavor, transitioning into a dance-infused electro composition with intricate harmonies and mesmerizing vocal effects at the end of the song, evoking the sensation of freefalling through a twilight sky.

Founder Ryan Jones, whose global experiences have brought people together, now calls NYC home and shares a new mission with Every Us. The multimedia project has curated successful community live events in Brooklyn, drawing over 200 attendees across three events in 2022. Every Us showcases a diverse lineup of local artists, ranging from folk and R&B to jazz and DJ sets. Past collaborators include Michael Tighe (Jeff Buckley, Adele, Mark Ronson), Charlie Klasfield (Clean Bandit, Branchez), and guitarist Dan Sagher (Charlie Burg). The single was mixed by Latin Grammy winner Soular and mastered by Kia Shavon, with contributions from filmmakers Frank Sun (SurvivorSNL) and Talia Light Rake (Sundance, Tribeca).

As Every Us continues its journey as an artist collective, their captivating melodies and meaningful music underscore their unwavering commitment to strong values. “AWCB” offers a glimpse into their boundless future, highlighting the limitless possibilities ahead. Every Us’s music is available worldwide on all major streaming platforms. Be sure to check out Every Us by following them on Instagram @EveryUsmusic.

JB Elwood Chronicles the Courageous Pursuit of Dreams in New Single “Far Away”

Austin, TX – Multi-dimensional guitarist and songwriter JB Elwood returns with his encouraging new single “Far Away,” which explores the heartfelt experience of leaving home and everything familiar behind in pursuit of chasing one’s goals. With uplifting lyrics and enticing melodies, “Far Away” captures the essence of courage, resilience, and the unwavering pursuit of passion. The single is now available to stream and download.

“Far Away” persists as an empowering anthem for dreamers and adventurers alike, resonating deeply with those who have felt the burning desire to break free from the confines of their comfort zones. Elwood’s soulful and emotive vocals, combined with his eloquent songwriting, create a truly immersive experience that transports listeners into the heart of the ambitious protagonist’s journey.

JB Elwood illustrates his exceptional talent for storytelling, painting a vivid picture of the emotional rollercoaster associated with leaving home to pursue your passion. The song’s poignant lyrics embody the yearning to chase after dreams, even when it means forsaking the safety and familiarity of home. Elwood credits his inspiration, stating, “ I wanted to offer hope at the end of my song because her ambition and persistence tells her not to give up even in the face of adversity.” His ability to convey the raw vulnerability and unwavering determination of the human spirit is truly remarkable.

This Midwest native’s passion for music was first kindled by the infectious chords of Guns N Roses’ “Welcome to the Jungle” at age ten. Elwood was influenced to pursue music by his grandfather, a self-taught guitar and banjo musician hailing from West Virginia. The Appalachian rhythms are ingrained in Elwood’s roots and are instrumental in his development of soulful melodies and relatable songwriting.

While JB Elwood’s journey has consisted of residency in a variety of places across the US, he now lives in Austin, Texas where his creativity and ambitions are welcomed. Elwood’s stage name, “JB Elwood” is a homage to his late grandfather John Elwood Ball, while his other grandfather gifted him his signature, career-defining 1960s Gibson Dove guitar. The fluent mesh of past and present musical inspirations defines Elwood’s artistry, formed by the essence of ambition, vulnerability, and persistence. “Far Away,” cements JB Elwood’s status as a powerful lyricist, fascinating audiences worldwide with his authentic artistry and relatable narratives. The track is a testament to his undeniable songwriting talent and his ability to connect with listeners on a profound level. To keep up with JB Elwood’s latest releases, follow him on Instagram @JBElwoodMusic.

FIIZ Transcends Reality With Enchanting New Single “ALL MY WORLDS”

Brooklyn, NY – Riveting electronic pop duo FIIZ returns to ignite dance enthusiasts with their energetic new single, “ALL MY WORLDS.” Influenced by a profound quote from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, FIIZ entrances listeners on a dazzling journey through the realms of imagination, questioning the boundaries between reality and the power of the mind. The track is now available to stream and download on all platforms.

The mesmerizing duo draws inspiration from the concept of the multiverse, fixating on the endless possibilities that lie beyond our perception. The song takes root from the pivotal scene in the final Harry Potter movie where Harry assumes he is dead and has one last conversation with Dumbledore: “Tell me one last thing,” said Harry. “Is this real? Or has this been happening inside my head?” Dumbledore beamed at him, and his voice sounded loud and strong in Harry’s ears even though the bright mist was descending again, obscuring his figure. “Of course, it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?”

“ALL MY WORLDS” forefronts the duo’s consistent pursuit of knowledge, enlightenment, and the liberation of both the mind and body. FIIZ invites audiences to embark on a sonic voyage through the multiverse—an idea that has long captivated their creative spirit. Embracing the notion of parallel lives, the fluidity of time, and boundless energy, the track becomes an anthem, chanting a powerful mantra, “All my worlds are real, all my dreams are true.”

FIIZ challenges conventional limitations placed upon the human experience, encouraging listeners to expand their horizons beyond mere facts and reality. Delving into daydreams, nightmares, and transformative journeys, “ALL MY WORLDS” transcends the expectation of everyday life by releasing what we know to be true and pursuing the desire to fulfill the many versions of ourselves in all dimensions. It urges us to release the constraints of logic and reason, allowing our imaginations to soar unencumbered.

FIIZ was born from the deep bond between best friends Fiona (Fi) and Isabelle (Iz) during shared quarantine, and a desire to fearlessly represent the LGBTQ+ community, defying norms in pop culture. United by their friendship, they champion queer empowerment through music, challenging heteronormative standards with unapologetic expression. FIIZ’s unique synergy comes from diverse musical backgrounds, fusing electronic-pop, hyperpop, and EDM into a groundbreaking sound, which can be heard in their latest single. With an upcoming EP on the horizon, FIIZ has amassed over 75k streams on Spotify and has received praise from notable outlets such as them., Grimy Goods, INTO more, CelebMix, and Acid Stag.

With its pulsating beats, ethereal synths, and thought-provoking lyrical concepts, “ALL MY WORLDS” is poised to capture audiences worldwide. Hailing from the diverse and kinetic music scene of Brooklyn, FIIZ has once again encapsulated its prowess in creating electrifying pop anthems that resonate deep within the mind space of its audience. Stay tuned to their musical odyssey by following @FIIZmusic on Instagram.

The Dirty Shirts Unleash Dancefloor Rock Anthem With New Single “Midnight Casanova”

Dallas, TX – Alternative rock band The Dirty Shirts continue their dynamic sound with the release of their new single “Midnight Casanova.” Their latest musical offering showcases the band’s soulful melodies and penchant for dark, provocative songwriting, perfect for a Halloween drop. “Midnight Casanova” is now available to stream and download on all platforms.


“Midnight Casanova” is a mesmerizing track that dives into the mysterious aspects of love and death. Its spirited guitar riffs, energetic rhythms, and smoky backroom vocals send its listeners to a realm of lust and crazed nightlife. The Dirty Shirts’ talent of unifying their musical influences and real-life experiences into an edgy, yet harmonic sonic adventure shines through in this anthemic single. The Dallas band’s latest single is written about a fierce female character who always gets what she wants, hence the opening lyric, “She’s a midnight casanova.” “I love telling a story from the perspective of a character and creating a vivid picture of whoever that is,” explains The Dirty Shirts’ founder and lead singer/guitarist Nick Santa Maria. “I’ve written a few songs about female characters now, mostly because I find it really easy to convey strong feelings through them. It’s probably because I’ve been surrounded by remarkable, badass women in my life. Based on the way we’ve seen how a bunch of dudes think, it’s probably best to look at things through a woman’s point of view anyway.” Thinking back to some of his favorite books and movies, Santa Maria notes how many of the characters have simple archetypal themes like death. With that in mind, the song was born, but for Santa Maria, the best way to process a heavy theme is to create something sparkly and danceable around it. “I wanted us to go hard into all the disco elements, like the big airy female vocals, the dance grooves, melodic bass lines, and a bunch of jangly guitars.”


The Dirty Shirts recorded “Midnight Casanova” at Modern Electric Sound Recorders in Dallas, TX, with Joel Raif on engineering duties and mastering by Jordan Richardson. The song’s remarkable sonic performance was produced by Jeff Saenz, known for his work with acclaimed artists such as Leon Bridges, Reverend Horton Heat, and Old 97s. The soul-stirring lead vocals were executed by Santa Maria, while the mesmerizing female background vocals were provided by DiDi McCaffrey and Taylor Nicks. Additional instrumentation was provided by Austin Lee Kroll (guitar), Patrick Smith (bass), and Joshua Sloan (drums/percussion).


First making waves in the alternative soundscape in 2021, The Dirty Shirts emerged as a dance-provoking glam-rock band from Dallas, Texas. Since establishing their careers a few years back, The Dirty Shirts have revealed an array of enchanting singles and visuals, all while anchoring North American tours. Before they emerged as a band, band member Nick Santa Maria toured as a sideman for a variety of country artists. Once the 2020 pandemic changed the landscape of world operations, it allowed Santa Maria to reinvent his career, forming a band that would be a combination of influences that inspired him. Creatively integrating the musical influences of David Bowie, Gorillaz, and Warped Tour-era alternative music, The Dirty Shirts released their debut album, The Get Up From The Get Go, and toured across the country in 2022. Hit songs like “Detonator” and “Please Me” were pivotal in the band’s early rise to notoriety across the U.S. The band’s evolved glamorous grunge aesthetic meshes seamlessly with their captivation, ability to touch listeners, and empowering vocals.  Their music has been touted in the press by Loudwire, Jammerzine, and Prelude Press, and is frequently heard on Dallas’s KXT, Idobi Radio, and Steven Van Zandt’s Underground Garage on Sirius XM.


With its swaying storytelling and stirring, eccentric sound, The Dirty Shirts’ new single “Midnight Casanova” is guaranteed to have any rock fan grooving on the dancefloor. “Midnight Casanova” is available now on all streaming platforms. To keep up with The Dirty Shirts’ unmatched energy, visit and be sure to follow their Instagram @TheDirtyShirtsUS.

Lizzy and the Palm Opens Up About Self-Acceptance in Vulnerable Ballad

Los Angeles, CA – Bated breathe anti-folk singer Lizzy and the Palm has released the pensive new single “Honest Song.” The wistful track opens Lizzy up to listeners in a new way by wandering through her labyrinthine mind and exposing the vulnerability and internal struggle she experiences in the spotlight. “Honest Song” is available for streaming now on all digital platforms.

Backed by an understated piano melody and Lizzy’s raw vocals, “Honest Song’s” storytelling and gut-wrenching lyrics focus on the desire to be yourself while battling the fear that you will be abandoned if people figure out who you truly are. The song’s beautiful arrangement pulls listeners closer to Lizzy and towards her world of insecurities as she sings, “Only God knows the truth, I’d never show it, I would be alone for good.” “Honest Song” was recorded and produced by Adam Castilla of The Colourist.

Lizzy has always been one to search for the deeper meaning of life, especially after coming to terms with her grief after the loss of her mother. Like her previous single, the wry and earnest debut ballad, “Feelings,” – which you can watch the video for here – that uses her quiet vulnerabilities and introspective approach to human emotion to mirror the subtle nuances of love’s tender complexities, “Honest Song” continues to carve a place for Lizzy’s voice and place in the world, while highlighting her ability to use sincerity as a superpower.

Lizzy has always been in touch with her creative roots as she was born to an American musical theater composer for a father and a French choreographer for a mother. Her warm, compassionate tone allows Lizzy and the Palm’s music to resonate with all generations as her sound transcends genre.

Lizzy and the Palm earned her stage name from the likes of her mother, Marie de la Palme to whom she dedicated her musical journey. After finishing her schooling, she found a home in Berlin, surrounded by like-minded creatives. Splitting her time between Berlin and Southern California has allowed Lizzy to find a voice in multiple communities and connect with a global audience.

Listen to “Honest Song” on all streaming platforms now. Follow Lizzy and the Palm on Spotify to be notified about new releases and keep up with her unique journey by visiting her Instagram at @LizzyandthePalm.

Ashley Elle Drops “Death of Me” Just in Time for Sad Girl Autumn

Los Angeles, CA – In a mesmerizing fusion of musical prowess and emotive lyricism, Ashley Elle’s latest release, “Death of Me,” emerges as a profound exploration of transformation and vulnerability. The single, now available on all digital music platforms, invites listeners to embark on a cathartic expedition of self-discovery and letting go through its evocative melodies and poignant narrative.

“Death of Me” gracefully opens with a tender but haunting guitar riff, immediately transporting you into a contemplative realm of reflection. Ashley Elle’s vocals gracefully emerge, ethereal and delicate, bearing the weight of raw sentiment. As the song progresses, the production gradually builds, incorporating atmospheric electronic elements and a driving beat. Produced and co-written by longtime collaborator, Cazz Brindis, this dynamic arrangement mirrors the emotional journey Ashley Elle takes with her message in the song. Lines like “Cut my hair, dyed it blonde” and “I’ve been running backwards, looking for some answers,” communicate a sense of shedding old layers and embracing a new identity. This personal evolution is not without its difficulties, as the lyrics also touch on the struggle of leaving behind what was familiar. “I moved to Los Angeles four years ago to attend college and pursue music,” explains Ashley Elle. “While I love it out here, there are many moments where I wish I could run home to my small town in Wisconsin. ‘Death of Me’ is a song to LA – a place full of dreams and possibilities wrapped in competition and insecurities.” The musical elements of the song create a safe space for listeners to embrace their own vulnerabilities while also finding empowerment.

Ashley Elle embarked on her musical journey by developing a strong admiration for Taylor Swift’s artistic prowess, which ignited her enthusiasm for music. She initially began by learning the piano and self-teaching the guitar. This experience led her to discover comfort and a means of emotional expression through both songwriting and singing. With her father’s support, Ashley Elle confidently embraced her undeniable talent and established herself in the recording studio. By collaborating with skilled producers, she refined her captivating and irresistible musical style. Her ultimate objective revolves around creating a connection with her audience, a goal that is evident in the profound lyrics of her compositions. Despite the vulnerability this process involves, Ashley Elle’s distinctive approach sets her apart from others, culminating in her signing a publishing agreement in 2019. Subsequently, her music has received praise from various sources, including CelebMix, Kings of A&R, and Fashionably Early, in addition to being featured on numerous Spotify playlists.

In a world where personal growth and transformation are universal experiences, Ashley Elle offers a comforting companion for anyone navigating the complexities of change. Through its evocative melodies and emotionally charged lyrics, “Death of Me” provides solace and understanding, reminding us that the task of letting go and embracing the unknown is an integral part of our human experience. Grab a pumpkin spice latte and get ready for Sad Girl Autumn by streaming “Death of Me.” Stay connected to Ashley Elle by following her on Instagram @AashleyElle or by visiting

Cinematic Songwriter Raygun Carver Releases “Ghost Inside”

Seattle, WA — Urban-Americana artist Raygun Carver has released his newest single, “Ghost Inside.”  The gritty new track can be found on major streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music, and the accompanying music video can be seen now on YouTube.

Fueled by unsettling lyrics that symbolize the weight of the situation holding the narrator back, Raygun Carver cries out, hauntingly, “It’s gonna haunt you till the day that you die, ghost inside,” and “You have love and security, trade it for a life of misery,”  encapsulating the feeling of a presence, whether metaphorical or literal, haunting you that you can’t seem to shake.

The second of the tracks to be released from his forthcoming ten-song full-length, Ghost Inside, an album recorded inside a haunted house in Port Angeles, Washington, follows the previously released single “Everywhere You Go is Where You’ll Be.” Both tracks take listeners on an emotional journey through time and space,  highlighting Raygun Carver’s profound musical journey, layering blues, jazz, and Americana into a tapestry of sound that is as rich as it is compelling. Ghost Inside was mixed and produced by Rob Wollam and mastered by Greg Abate.

Raygun Carver is a singer-songwriter from the Pacific Northwest, known for his distinctive compositional approach and ingenuity in experimenting with pastiche musical blends. Carver first entered the music scene in 2020 with his debut album, Moon Fields Yawning, and has since continued to captivate audiences with his distinct sound and storytelling prowess across an EP and string of singles. Carver’s music career has been marked by a dedication to crafting intricate soundscapes that blend diverse genres while maintaining an unbreakable focus on engaging narratives and evocative instrumentation. His upcoming album, Ghost Inside, promises to further demonstrate this boundless creativity and versatility, expanding these sensibilities into a sophomore release.

Raygun Carver’s roots shine through his atmospherically beautiful songs, which conjure images of smoky speakeasies and old-time cinema. At the same time, his lyrical ingenuity offers a fresh perspective on timeless philosophical themes. “Ghost Inside,” out now, and  “Everywhere You Go is Where You’ll Be,” released earlier this year, are available for streaming on music platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. Dive into the cinematic world of Raygun Carver by watching the video on his YouTube channel, and learn more about the artist by checking out

Alpine Universe Release New EP Akoustik Vol. II

Los Angeles, CA — Alpine Universe, distinguished composer Andy Favre – the multi-instrumentalist behind the electronic-orchestral project – has released his six-track EP, Akoustik Vol. IIRenowned for his prowess in blending heavy atmospheric music with a seamless fusion of orchestral and organic elements, on the new collection of songs, Alpine Universe uses echoing beats to evoke imagery of warrior drums resonating across distant Nordic landscapes, perfectly harmonizing with an ethereal blend of electronic and raw syncopated beats. The songs capture the essence of emotional confinement, the relentless pursuit of freedom, and the powerful battle cries of the ancient Viking tapestry of sounds. 

Akoustik Vol II. is a unique, rhythmic experience designed to take listeners on a vivid journey. Alpine Universe’s Andy Favre says, “This EP is the second opus of my Akoustik series. The original songs feature extensive production and orchestration but this EP is a way for me to revisit the compositions by rearranging them into their most basic form: simply vocals and sometimes a kick drum or an acoustic guitar. The goal is to keep it raw and personal.” As the solo vocalist on the track Favre states, “The challenge is to keep the cinematic feel of the original, despite being performed by only one person. I want to take the listener on a journey to an “ancient future”. An anachronism where the stories take place in the future, but the compositions are actually inspired by older celtic, Norse, and medieval cultures.”

Andy Favre found himself mesmerized by a profound childhood experience while his hometown was hosting the Winter Olympics. Hailing from the French Alps, the composer and multi-instrumentalist has been on an extraordinary musical journey to preserve the magic that the electronic music, laser, and fireworks show left on his young heart. Fascinated by the interplay between music and technology, Alpine Universe seeks to revive ancient musical influences by diving into a world of mountains, mythology, and the human condition, dressing them up with modern formats using cutting-edge production techniques like deep sampling and digital tools, to narrate the stories of warriors, quests for promised lands, wars, and the future of science. While niche, Favre has found success with the trailblazing Alpine Universe sound. Alpine Universe has played to crowds nearing 20,000 people, caught the attention of actor/musician Jared Leto, and rocketed their three LPs, The Empire of the Winds (2020), The Alpine Universe (2017), and SEDNA (2015), to nearly 20 million streams on Spotify, where his listenership has grown to nearly 800,000 monthly.

Alpine Universe’s ethereal anthems are now available on all digital music platforms. Go listen to Akoustik Vol. 1 (Chants) and  Akoustik Vol. II nowFollow Alpine Universe’s musical journey on his Instagram @AlpineUniverse or visit

Lily Lane Releases New Single “Where Have You Been All My Life”

Los Angeles, CA – Rising pop powerhouse Lily Lane has released her intimate new song, “Where Have You Been All My Life.” The new single zooms in on Lane’s journey to discover the depths of her soul, highlighting the romanticizing of trauma and mental illness and the artist’s personal process, and how everything they go through along the way prepares them to be who they eventually are supposed to become. “Where Have You Been All My Life” is streaming now on all digital platforms.

“Of the new single, Lane says, “It’s sad to say but I got really used to being unhappy. My whole life people have always told me they can hear the soul in my voice and I always thought that was because I sang from a place of hurt and sadness. I was scared when I wasn’t singing from that same place I wouldn’t have that same magic in my voice or I wouldn’t have anything to write about and the poetry would stop. However, I was wrong to assume that and that came from a place of being scared of change. I was comfortable in the pain I knew and scared to reach for the unknown. I now know my music can still be soulful because sadness isn’t the only feeling in my soul. There’s a lot in there – including joy.”

Opening up about her curiosity about where happiness and love have come from, and how one person can bring out the best in you, “Where Have You Been All My Life” shows a side of Lane that she admits she has never seen in herself. “I wish I had gotten to know my happy self sooner,” she says, adding, “and this song is kind of saying where has this side of me that this amazing man has tapped into with unconditional love been all my life?”

Taylor Sparks (Ryan Tedder, Kelsea Ballerini), who produced the track, has pushed Lane to venture more into the pop-punk genre she grew up with. Featuring the bold vocals, anthemic choruses, and cinematic production that Lane has become known for, “Where Have You Been All My Life” joins “Throne” in continuing the storyline where “Bad” and her breakaway 2022 EP, Queen of Hearts, left off. In addition to the release of “Throne,” Lane recently unleashed her vibrant single “Woman’s Intuition,” a duet with Sophomore, the music project of Academy Award-nominated Abigail Breslin. The video for the single, which captures the personality of real-life best friends, is energized by the duo dancing through a hypnotic lilac and vibrant pink atmosphere, seamlessly blending modernity with nostalgia. Viewers are treated to the dynamic of Lane and Breslin energetically singing along to the lyrics. Showcasing their playfulness by singing into heart-shaped lollipops to twirling with glittery pom-poms, the visualizer features a plethora of wardrobe changes, including a jaw-dropping red lace sparkly one-piece by Lane and a completely Chanel-accessorized look by Breslin, a nod to her character, Chanel #5, from Scream Queens.

“Lily Lane has established herself as an awe inspiring artist in the music industry. Having graduated with honors from NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, Lane possesses exceptional singing talent and advocates for body positivity, LGBTQ representation and female empowerment. With a gritty voice likened to Amy Winehouse and a range that impresses even the most seasoned divas, she has a quick pen to go with her voice. Lane writes all her songs and retains 100% of her publishing and masters.

Lily’s music has gained wide recognition through its recurring inclusion in Pretty Little Liars and Netflix’s trailer song for Get Organized with the Home Edit, while receiving praise from influential outlets like Nylon, Just Jared, Earmilk, CelebMix, Guest of a Guest, and more, establishing her status as a rising star in the music scene. Most recently Lane opened up for Madison Beer, Jessie J, and Marina and the Diamonds at OutLoud Music Festival during WeHo Pride, headlined Winky Lux’s Unicorn Carnival in NYC with Wyclef Jean and Justine Skye, and has performed at historic venues, including Madison Square Garden for the Knicks and the House of Blues supporting Big Time Rush. At the same time, her music amassed millions of streams organically.

Join Lily Lane on the journey to explore all of her soul – including the happy parts by listening to “Where Have You Been All My Life.” The single is streaming now on all music platforms, alongside “Throne” and “Woman’s Intuition,” both released earlier this year. You can also keep up with Lily Lane’s journey and upcoming projects on Instagram @LilyLane.