Jenny Stenger Whispers To Our Hearts in New Single “Rose Colored Lenses”

Los Angeles, CA – In the hauntingly beautiful melody of “Rose Colored Lenses,” Jenny Stenger carries listeners through the delicate dance of falling in love. The artist tells an all-too-familiar story that evokes the complex emotions of those who have experienced the simultaneous euphoria and apprehension of new love. “Rose Colored Lenses” is available now on streaming platforms.

Listening to “Rose Colored Lenses” reminds you of that feeling when you take off your love goggles and let the anxiety of love wash all over you. With chilling lines such as, “Are we just wasting our time putting off the inevitable” and “walking the very fine line between love and being comfortable,” Stenger spills her relatable thoughts onto paper. She accurately captures that feeling when you love someone so badly that you have this painful fear it will go away.

“This song is about falling in love while being hyper-aware of everything that could go wrong. What I like about this song is that it shows that multiple things can be true at once,” Stenger explains. “Falling in love was one of the best things I’ve experienced, but it also sparked a lot of fears and unresolved issues I had within myself, and I’m glad I’m sharing the experience of starting a new relationship from the perspective of someone with a lot of anxiety and self-doubt.”

Produced by Seth Wentland and featuring Brady Sossaman on guitar, the music sets the perfect backdrop for the rollercoaster of emotions depicted in the lyrics. The melody rises and falls like the unpredictable tide of feelings, and the harmonies echo the complexity of love’s emotional terrain. As Stenger’s voice trembles with vulnerability, we are reminded that opening oneself to love requires an immense amount of courage, especially when battling the weight of internal struggles. “Rose Colored Lenses” whispers to our hearts that it’s okay to feel a whirlwind of emotions when embarking on a new relationship. She reassures us that we’re not alone in our fears and hesitations and that it’s possible to find beauty even in the midst of uncertainty.

Jenny Stenger has recently made her way into the ever-so-thriving “sad girl pop” scene. Entering with her first single, “Better,” in January 2022, Stenger creates music that delves into the complicated and emotional human experience. By narrating her personal journey and opening up through music, she hopes to make others feel less alone. The essence of Stenger’s musical compositions is inspired by her stories of growing up as a small-town girl. Her first album, Trying My Best, released in November 2022, illuminates themes such as unreciprocated affection, envy, and psychological struggles. This release breathes life into her artistic vision and establishes her indelible presence within the industry.

Jenny Stenger has crafted a musical masterpiece that both resonates with those who have walked the path of love, anxiety, and self-discovery and celebrates the intricate mosaic of emotions that make us human. Stream “Rose Colored Glass” on all digital music platforms now. Stay connected to her musical journey by following her on Instagram @JennyStenger.

Ilona Releases Mesmerizing Single “For You”

Los Angeles, CA – Alluring, seductive, and self-assured: with her single “For You,” pop enchantress Ilona frames a melodic invitation in sonic colors of chilled-out electronica and shimmering harmonies. In a voice that is disarmingly angelic, Ilona uncovers deeper desires as she pledges, “I’ll go where no one’s been before.” “For You” is now available to stream and download on all digital music platforms.

The latest in a celebrated span of singles, this track entices listeners into the spell of Ilona’s musical magic, unveiling the tantalizing testimony of a captivating woman who knows what she wants and what a lover needs. “Move my body and soul,” she implores. With “For You,” Ilona offers an invitation to a celestial destination of desire, revealed through an ecstatic proclamation of promise and pleasure. As the song unfolds, Ilona masterfully navigates the intricate dance of longing and fulfillment. The lyrics describe a yearning for the kind of intimacy that goes beyond the physical, diving into the realms of emotions. “I had teardrops on my keyboard when I wrote this song,” she explains. “It’s about manifesting a true connection and falling in love.” The track is a testament to Ilona’s ability to conjure feelings through music and longings that are sung into existence. The mingling of melodies creates a perfect ambiance alongside with her heartfelt lyrics that sweep listeners into a world where openness and longing blend seamlessly. This exceptional track is skillfully blended and produced by Moritz Braun, with the final touches of mastering provided by Lurssen Mastering.

Hailing from Apple Valley, Minnesota, Ilona embodies a rich multicultural upbringing, nurtured within a Russian/Ukrainian household. Her life journey was a delicate dance between two worlds, a fusion of Russian and American threads that sometimes left her feeling like an outsider. But it was within this unique blend that Ilona’s true artistry found its roots. Guided by her mother, a talented classical musician, Ilona’s artistic odyssey started early, finding comfort and inspiration in the world of dance and music. Gymnastics and dance training paved her path, while icons like Beyonce, Shakira, and Rihanna fueled her passion for transforming emotions into motion. Her Berklee College of Music experience refined her pop sound, and a collaboration with producer Moritz Braun at Just For Record Studio polished her dynamic and fiery style. Later, a virtual lecture by composer Hans Zimmer ignited her creative drive for independence. But at her core, Ilona champions female empowerment, anchored in resilience, motivation, and unwavering strength. Her music has been championed by press outlets such as CelebMix, Naluda Magazine, Female Magazine, and more.

Through this single, Ilona yet again proves that her musical prowess can captivate hearts and transport minds to a place of emotional resonance and passionate connection. Immerse yourself in Ilona’s latest musical creation by streaming “For You.” To stay connected with her evolving musical voyage, make sure to follow her on Instagram at @iamilonamusic.

Brooklyn Artist Collective Every Us Unveils Single “Fools Gold” From Upcoming EP

New York, NY – Every Us, a burgeoning music collective, has released their new single “Fools Gold,” a follow-up to their debut release “Someday,” both previewing their forthcoming EP. The collective’s artistic endeavor aims to encapsulate those moments when individuals connect with something greater than themselves. By blending inspirational lyricism with harmonious melodies, Every Us achieves a transcendent musical experience. “Fools Gold” is now available for global audiences to stream.

“‘Fools Gold’ is capturing the moment you go to the bar out of last-ditch loneliness. Through one drink and one stranger at a time, you find yourself a part of a drunken, joyous, carefree crew. Buzzed and weightless with your new sidekicks, the moment becomes endless, the sun comes up, but you have no place to be,” frontman and Every Us founder Ryan Jones explains.

“Fools Gold” is an anthem that exudes motivation and dynamism. The persistent backbeat claps infuse the track with movement and momentum, while the seamless fusion of instrumentation and powerful vocals harmoniously combine the artists’ diverse influences. With multiple voices and songwriting that resonates with the spirit of early aughts indie rock spun with modern alt and indie pop, the song possesses an immediate allure for listeners. The storytelling in this single reflects the musical journey as the lyrics reiterate a situation from when “time turns to mush, cuz she left with the drugs, and your pride in her purse.” This emphasizes the group’s playful approach to storytelling and ability to capture deeply human moments. “Music is shared feelings and is so centered in culture because of that. We want to collect those sounds and explore what music means to different people,” Jones says. Every Us crafts music that embodies a sense of community and collective identity, transcending the limitations of individual artistry.

Initiated by artist and world traveler Ryan Jones, Every Us is the culmination of a global journey aimed at uniting experiences and individuals. Now based in the vibrant artistic landscape of NYC, Jones and his collective embark on a new mission. Their Brooklyn-curated community live events have attracted over 200 attendees across three successful gatherings in 2022. Every Us meticulously assembles a lineup of diverse artists spanning genres from folk to R&B, and jazz to DJs. Seamlessly integrating their single into their performances, they organically promote their music, brand, and synergetic ethos. Collaborators and contributors include the likes of Olivia Reid, Michael Tighe (Adele, Mark Ronson), Charlie Klasfield (Clean Bandit, Branchez), and guitarist Dan Sagher (Charlie Burg). The track was mixed by Latin Grammy winner Soular and mastered by Kia Shavon, with visual contributions from esteemed filmmakers Frank Sun (Peloton, The Olympics) and Talia Light Rake.

Every Us continues to evolve as an artist collective, crafting captivating melodies and resonant music underscored by profound themes. “Fools Gold” provides a tantalizing glimpse into their boundless potential, highlighting the wealth of opportunities that lie ahead. Audiences worldwide can explore the musical offerings of Every Us on various streaming platforms. Be sure to check out Every Us by following them on Instagram @EveryUsmusic.

MaddBayy Drops Dreamy New Single “Cherry Trees”

Los Angeles, CA – MaddBayy, the dynamic duo known for seamlessly blending Eastern and Western musical influences, has just dropped their newest gem, “Cherry Trees.” This captivating track takes listeners on a love-filled adventure and leaves a mark on the hearts of those who experience it. “Cherry Trees” is available to stream and download on all digital platforms.

“Cherry Trees,” with its evocative lyrics and soothing melodies, creates an atmospheric realm where moonlight gleams on cherry trees, the notion of tomorrow fades into the background, and the smallest details become profound sources of wonder. At its core, “Cherry Trees” is an ode to the transformative power of love and how it can make every moment feel like an eternal journey. MaddBayy captures this essence through their heartfelt lyrics and soul-stirring music, creating an experience that resonates deeply with anyone who has ever been in love. “Cherry Trees” is a song that echoes on many levels. It’s a testament to the timelessness of love and its ability to infuse even the simplest moments with significance. They have created a musical masterpiece that tugs at the heartstrings and leaves listeners longing for that transcendent love that makes every day feel like a dream.

Niraj Patel and Nav Ramasamy credit their upbringing as a major source of inspiration for their music. Patel’s childhood in the vibrant city of Los Angeles fueled his love for music from an early age, providing him with an escape. Ramasamy, on the other hand, was deeply influenced by his grandfather’s passion for music and his family’s diverse musical tastes. Together, they blend different music genres, bringing together EDM, R&B, electro-pop, and a fusion of Bollywood and Hollywood vibes. While they make a name for themselves as a duo, they don’t lose their individuality. Despite being complete opposites, they thrive on mixing their personalities to create their unique brand of “MADDNESS.” Their joint effort in creating the track “Jaane Kaise” alongside Recroit found favor with Rolling Stone India, and their latest release, “Don’t Go,” garnered enthusiastic endorsements from the music industry, including nods from Music On The Rox, Drop The Spotlight, and Zone Nights.

Maddbayy has delivered a refreshing composition that reminds us of the enduring power of love. “Cherry Trees” is not just a song; it’s a voyage through the seasons of the heart, where moonlight and cherry trees illuminate the path to an unforgettable love story. “Cherry Trees” is available now on streaming platforms worldwide. Stay up to date with their music by following their Instagram @MaddBayy.

Emerging Genre-Bending Icon Paytra Enters Her “Villain Era”

New York, NY–  Paytra continues to encourage listeners to be the best version of themselves with her new song “Villain Era.” Her distinctive upbeat sound and evocative lyrics deliver a message that challenges societal expectations and motivates listeners to embrace their inner strength. “Villain Era” is now available to stream on digital platforms.

Amid the trending online buzz surrounding the phrase “villain era,” Paytra offers a refreshing perspective that redefines the term’s significance to society today. She inspires listeners in her latest track by explaining that “Villain Era” isn’t about embracing a life of malevolence; it’s about reclaiming your agency and self-worth. With lines such as “stop with the people pleasing, the cooking and cleaning, no self-esteeming,” Paytra challenges the perception that prioritizing oneself is inherently selfish, asserting that this transformation is a declaration of self-respect and self-preservation. “Your ‘villain era’ doesn’t actually make you a villain,” explains Paytra. “But anyone who is used to taking advantage of you will see it that way. That’s why this song is so fun to me.” While immersing yourself in the song’s profound and deeply meaningful message, Paytra enhances the experience with her infectious energy, which shines through her electrifying instrumentals and chilling vocals. From the moment the grit of the music blends with the anthemic background vocals, a surge of revitalization and confidence washes over you. “Villain Era” serves as a powerful anthem for anyone who has ever felt taken advantage of or overlooked for their selflessness.


Raised in a small Michigan town, Paytra embarked on her musical journey at the age of 16 when she relocated to New York City. Despite grappling with the challenges of the fiercely competitive music industry, she persevered, refining her talents and ultimately emerging as a formidable presence. Her music effortlessly blends contemporary rhythms with elements of R&B, alternative, funk, and soul, all while addressing themes of self-reliance and self-confidence. However, Paytra’s mission transcends the realm of catchy hooks and dance-worthy beats. She ardently advocates for women’s empowerment and actively supports female entrepreneurs through her association with a New York-based venture capital syndicate. Her music and business endeavors have shattered barriers, paving the path for women to claim their rightful positions in traditionally male-dominated sectors. In 2023, Paytra is set to expand her influence even further with the release of her upcoming album, Tiny But Mighty, solidifying her role as a fearless pop sensation and an emblem of feminism. With previously released singles “Motherfuckin’ Misfit American Anthem,” “You Got The Sauce,” “Breaking Glass Ceilings,” and “Bright Red Flags,” her accomplishments have garnered recognition from notable outlets such as CelebmixEARMILKCelebrity Magazine, and Jammerzine.


In a world where it’s all too easy to be consumed by the needs of others, Paytra reminds us in her new single “Villain Era” that it’s okay to take control of our own lives and unapologetically prioritize our well-being, even if that means being the villain in someone else’s narrative. Stream “Villain Era” now and stay connected to Paytra’s musical journey by following her on Instagram @Paytra_.

Jaymellz Hits Home With Relatable New Single “Communication”

Aiken, SC – Surging hip-hop artist Jaymellz unveils his latest single, “Communication,” an engaging and smooth R&B-inspired track about the troubles in relationships. “Communication” fluently incorporates snappy hip-hop instrumentation with calm and infectious melodies. Reminiscent of memorable late 2000s R&B and rap collaborations, Jaymellz skillfully harmonizes the genres. “Communication” is now available to stream on all digital streaming services. 

“Communication” encompasses Jaymellz’s proficient lyrical prowess and intertwines relaxing chord progressions to create a truly unforgettable and relatable listening experience. He entices hip-hop enthusiasts with charming vocals and relatable verses touching on the trials and tribulations in romantic relationships and the damage it causes. “Communication” delves into the complexities of human connection in the digital age, exploring themes of love, longing, and the problems we face expressing our emotions. He cites his inspiration for the track, stating, “I wrote this song when my relationship was stagnant; we weren’t really seeing eye to eye, so the only way to figure out what’s going on is through communication.” Experiencing difficult times in relationships is an ongoing challenge; this heartfelt anthem effectively reassures the audience to address their issues despite being afraid.


Encouraged by his Aunt Connie to pursue singing, Jaymellz began experimenting with music at seven years old. After finishing school, he devoted his time to producing, rapping, and songwriting while releasing several projects for nearly the past 15 years. During this time, Jaymellz created his own independent record label, B.A.S.E, and collaborated with notable figures such as DJ Smallz, JStaffz, Queen Sheeba, Soulja Boy and Jharrel Jerome from the Oscar-winning film Moonlight. In his most recent collaboration, Jaymellz worked with Bentley Records, the international label based in New York and Dubai. His extensive talent and versatility has garnered him praise from outlets such as The Hype MagazineVENTS Magazine, and HotplayRadio.


“Communication” is a magnetic tune that deeply connects to the listeners going through dilemmas within their relationships. The track is available to stream on all major platforms. To stay in tune with Jaymellz’s journey, follow him on Instagram @realJaymellz and head to his website

Rising Alt-Pop Artist Blurry Drops Her Debut Single “Lonely Illusion”

San Antonio, TX – In a world where positivity often takes a backseat to cynicism, emerging artist Blurry presents a refreshing perspective with her debut track, “Lonely Illusion.” Blurry’s first release utilizes the power of transforming frustration into art, providing a melodic, upbeat song that serves as a relatable outlet for listeners. “Lonely Illusion” is now available to stream on digital platforms.

“Lonely Illusion” stands as the ultimate car karaoke anthem, letting you blow off steam after a rough encounter. Evolving from its origins as a raw guitar-vocal track, the song blossomed into a multi-layered composition that vividly captures Blurry’s innate ability to forge powerful connections through her music. Collaborating closely with her producer/engineer, Amin Emam, Blurry invested considerable time refining the track’s sonic landscape, ensuring an authentic resonance with her listeners. As the audience finds themselves fervently singing along, they revel in the song’s musical dynamism and its profound capacity to resonate with their own life moments. Rooted in personal experiences of encountering individuals mired in perpetual negativity, Blurry candidly shares, “The song is about the people who constantly rain on the parade no matter the situation. I’ve met multiple people who speak too often on the negatives in life. At this time, I was so incredibly tired of the brooding, so I wrote a song to release my frustration, and ‘Lonely Illusion’ is the result.” The artist’s personal journey becomes a shared narrative, a reminder that individual stories often intertwine to create a tapestry of emotions and experiences that connect us all. The single was co-written by Blurry and J Sabin and features Sabin on background vocals, Neil Swanson on guitar, Russ Hewitt on acoustic guitar, Clay Wise on drums, John Addams on bass, and Mariko Muranaka on cello.

Blurry, a remarkable multi-instrumentalist and producer, touches listeners with soulful melodies and moving lyrics that distinguish her in today’s crowded musical landscape. Her voice effortlessly blends raw emotion and subtle elegance, weaving relatable stories. Hailing from San Antonio, TX, music became Blurry’s escape from early struggles with depression and anxiety, evolving into a lifelong passion for sharing her story through melody. Her diaristic lyrics reveal thoughts of navigating life’s battles, while her powerful voice offers intimate glimpses into blatant honesty, fostering shared solace. Fearlessly pushing boundaries and amplifying messages of empowerment, Blurry’s unapologetic music defies easy categorization, fusing authenticity with surrealism. Beyond music, she passionately collaborates with charitable causes, such as the Texas Music Project, where she sits on the board, advocating the power of music to uplift communities. Rooted in nature and art, Blurry’s commitment to authenticity extends throughout her life. Her transformative musical journey inspires self-embrace amid chaos, celebrating the beauty of melody and feelings, etching an indelible mark on all who encounter her artistry.

“Lonely Illusion” is the first of what promises to be a series of impactful releases from Blurry. This unique debut showcases both her exceptional talent, as well as her dedication to crafting a sound that is as meaningful as it is melodious. Stream “Lonely Illusion” now and stay connected to Blurry’s musical journey by following her on Instagram @itsBlurrymusic.

J8KE Returns With Heartfelt New Single “Hold Me”

Toronto, Ontario – Following his breakout single late last year, singer-songwriter J8KE has released his latest heartfelt project, “Hold Me.” “Hold Me” is a rhythmically pulsing anthem capturing the hopeful energy of a young man turning over every rock in his search for intimacy. J8KE’s genre-diverse-inspired acoustic groove was mixed and mastered by producer Marco Silvenses and is now available to stream or download on all major music platforms.

“Hold Me’s” artistic strengths lie in J8KE’s prowess in fusing distinctive genres to synthesize a deceptively complex product, both emotionally and sonically. His lyricism centers around sensations of something missing, that something definitely being love, he declares as the track progresses. “‘Hold Me’ is a more impassioned song than I’ve written in a long time,” says J8KE. “It’s about doubt, indecisiveness, and the loss of love. All with a true glimpse that right around the corner that person is waiting for you.” J8KE manifests a more positive, pop-oriented outlook on the track that creates a dynamic foil for the song’s heavier content. His ear-grabbing guitar hooks and tropical-leaning percussion add a very light-hearted layer to the propelling acoustic backbone and wordy verses. J8KE maintains a sweeping, reggae-esque vocal delivery throughout that solidifies his creative style as seen in previous tracks such as “Lemonade.”

Canadian singer-songwriter J8KE (real name Jake Robertson) pulls his talented skills from a genuine adoration for music. His early musical beginnings trace back to a chance encounter learning chords with his aunt, from which point he learned how to channel his hyperactive energy into music and discovered his passion. Since then, J8KE’s natural ability has led him onto the biggest stages around North America, touring both independently and with his former band Cardinal Chase. From opening for the likes of The Beach Boys, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Sublime with Rome, to scoring radio play around Canada and obtaining coverage in Billboard Magazine, J8KE’s unique sound is demanding near-constant attention. His distinctive artistry weaves together the noises of off-beat reggae, laid-back acoustic roots, and an observant pop ear to create dynamically engaging recordings and unbelievably energetic live performances.

With its fast-paced rhythm and driving riffs, J8KE’s latest single, “Hold Me,” is a natural progression from his previous hits. The song plates tumultuous human experiences in a light-hearted and romantic way, making it impossible for listeners not to bob along. Find this song streaming on all digital music platforms and follow his musical journey on @J8keMusic.

Emily Monsen Unveils Poignate Single “Throw Away The Man”

San Antonio, TX – Renowned for her compelling musical narratives that mirror her personal growth, singer-songwriter Emily Monsen is on track to release her latest single, “Throw Away The Man.” The poignant track offers a candid perspective from the now 24-year-old artist, recounting a relationship with a significantly older partner while candidly addressing red flags and her inclination to fix others. Through introspection and resilience, Monsen discovers her self-reliance, rendering the track a relatable anthem of empowerment. The single is now available to stream globally.

“Throw Away The Man” resonates as a universal tale of breaking free from a toxic relationship, a declaration that prioritizes self-worth and personal evolution. Monsen made it clear that “When faced with the choice of wasting good years of your life on a hopeless cause or moving on, you don’t throw away your future—you throw away the man.” Monsen masterfully blends the genres of country-pop and rock, using rhythms and infectious melodies to showcase her artistic versatility. This song is a testament to her growth and journey, fortified by a carefully constructed composition and impeccable production. The emotionally charged lyrics lead into a dynamic post-chorus, creating a breath of fresh air and a captivating musical experience.

Emily Monsen’s musical repertoire showcases her raw vulnerability by capturing pivotal life moments that resonate deeply with her audience. Monsen’s stage presence has always been undeniable, from early endeavors as a talent show contestant to winning the esteemed KJ97’s Country Kid contest in 6th grade. With aspirations of gracing iconic country music venues like Red Rocks and the Ryman Auditorium, her passion does not go unnoticed. Monsen’s songs are characterized by a fusion of rootsy acoustic guitars and evocative piano arrangements that enhance her moving and realistic narratives. Through her distinctive countrypolitan vocal style, Monsen infuses her songwriting with unflinching self-awareness, crafting each track as a powerful testament to personal growth and introspection.

“Throw Away The Man” continues Emily Monsen’s trajectory towards musical prominence as her evocative melodies and morally resonant compositions progressively capture a growing fan base. Stream or download “Throw Away The Man” on all major digital platforms, and visit her Instagram at @EmilyMonsen for show updates, admire her sparkling outfits, and perhaps request adorable photos of her cat.

Marcus Mackey Shines on Candid Pop-Dance Hit “S.E.L.”

Los Angeles, CA – Delivering a compelling exploration of modern relationships and the intricate dynamics of today’s dating landscape, Marcus Mackey takes center stage with his latest single, “S.E.L.,” an acronym for “someone else’s lover.” With an infectious dance groove intertwined with heartfelt lyrics, the track offers a striking juxtaposition that exemplifies Mackey’s musical prowess. Serving as an enthralling introduction to his journey toward stardom, “S.E.L.” showcases Mackey’s artistry as he navigates the path to recognition in the music industry. “S.E.L.” is available now to stream and download worldwide.

“‘Someone Else’s Lover’ takes you on this rollercoaster through today’s dating scene – all those crazy layers and complications,” explains Mackey. “I made ‘S.E.L.’ not to solve the problem, but to at least get you dancing through it.” Mackey’s inspiration stems from personal experiences, infusing the song’s authenticity with vivid emotions. This fusion of danceable pop and poignant heartbreak resonates akin to well-known talents such as Shawn Mendes, Charlie Puth, and JVKE. Mackey’s distinct EDM pop vibe injects a positive perspective into moments of sorrow, culminating in a motivational auditory experience that invites audiences to dance their way through life’s challenges.

“S.E.L.” marks a significant milestone for Marcus Mackey, heralding his entrance onto the music scene with an arresting presence. Teaming up with renowned producer Luke Villemur, whose credits span Netflix, Apple TV+, Universal Music Production, and prominent commercials, Mackey’s creative evolution is illuminated as he refines his sonic vision. Mackey meticulously crafts his musical tapestry, weaving in influences from his early musical pursuits, where he and his twin brother, Anthony, ignited audiences’ passion with their harmonious performances from the tender age of 7. Born in Bakersfield, CA, Mackey was part of his school’s musical theatre and performance group as well as an All-Star cheerleader on a world-ranking team. With a penchant for entertaining in his blood, Mackey set off to the vibrant music hub of Los Angeles to achieve his dreams.

Marcus Mackey’s unwavering commitment and resolve to pursue his musical aspirations are evident. As an emerging alt-pop artist, his trajectory promises to leave an indelible mark on the global music landscape. “S.E.L.” is now available on all major streaming platforms, inviting audiences worldwide to immerse themselves in his captivating sound. Stay updated on Marcus Mackey’s artistic journey by following him on Instagram @MarcusMackeyy or by visiting