Bri Oglu

Bri Oglu is a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and cinematic pop artist. Her love for singing and music of almost any genre under the sun shone through from a young age and carries into her work today as she possesses the ability to create versatile songs that showcase the varying textures of her voice and her multiple influences from her youth.

Bri’s childhood was suspended between two musical worlds: her mother’s midwestern roots of country and pop, and her father and adoptive mother’s love of classic rock, 80s music, and jazz. She spent her younger years writing songs and emulating the artists she heard on the radio and around the house: Ann Wilson (Heart), Britney Spears, Shania Twain and Dido to name a few. In high school, she joined chorus, theatre and a local gospel choir. She fell in love with the visceral sounds of Idina Menzel as well as a high school sweetheart who introduced her to metal and alt-rock.

After school, she moved to Los Angeles to initially pursue acting due to the intimidating, robust nature of the music scene. While working at a karaoke bar and gigging around town, she was exposed to jazz and soul music, adding the final ingredient to her diversely influenced sound. Her path led her back to her ultimate passion in music, and she has continued to pursue her career as an artist ever since. When venues shut down during the pandemic, Bri focused on writing and recording her 6-track EP, Somewhere Else. The collection showcases her sultry, but powerful voice and pairs with a cinematic pop production style crafted by artist / producer Will Snyder. Her EP is set to release this fall. For more information visit

Jules Brave

Jules Brave is a true force to be reckoned with in the music industry. This rising singer-songwriter has already amassed a devoted following of over 19.3k on Instagram and 20.6k on TikTok, and it’s easy to see why. Inspired by musicians such as John Mayer, Beyoncé, and Ariana Grande, Jules Brave creates captivating piano ballads and sparkling indie-pop anthems that resonate with audiences around the world.

Encouraged by GRAMMY-award winning popstar Meghan Trainor to pursue their own voice, Jules Brave began writing their own music and quickly gained recognition from notable figures such as J Kash, Jason Evigan, and Meghan Trainor herself. Their 2021 single “If You Ever Left Me” garnered over 1.7 million streams on Spotify, with Cut It Out Magazine hailing it as “a new form of pop.” Jules Brave has also released “I Love U-sers,” which has almost 500k+ streams on Spotify, and a duet version with Anthony Gargiula that has already amassed almost 90k+ streams. Brave has also gained attention for their live performances, including backup vocals for Dodie at NPR’s Tiny Desk.

Jules Brave’s success is not only due to their musical talents, but also to their genuine connection with fans on social media. From Instagram Live sessions and karaoke performances to hilarious TikTok videos, Jules Brave has created an authentic and inclusive community through their music that fans can’t get enough of.

Jules Brave has also gained attention for their live performances, including backup vocals for Dodie at NPR’s Tiny Desk.


Hailing from the diverse and kinetic music scene of Brooklyn, New York, FIIZ is an electropop duo transforming the contemporary pop landscape with its genre-defying sound and empowering storytelling. Composed of two best friends, Fiona and Isabelle, FIIZ emanates an enchanting energy that results in mesmerizing and immersive sonic adventures. The duo strives to go beyond traditional pop themes and heteronormative narratives, skillfully creating a soundscape for representation and connection within their music.

FIIZ was born out of the bond between Fiona and Isabelle and their shared experiences during quarantine. The duo’s music delves into their dual perspectives, resulting in rich, authentic narratives that resonate with many. Their captivating blend of pulsating beats, ethereal synths, and immersive vocals offer a unique take on electropop that stands as a testament to their shared creativity and fearlessness. Their recent musical explorations have seen a shift towards a more concentrated electronic-pop sound. By incorporating elements of hyperpop and EDM, FIIZ takes listeners on a journey through uncharted sonic territories, challenging norms, and pushing boundaries. Their work is produced by Sietse Fase, a producer from the Netherlands who was trained under the same tutelage as Martin Garrix.

Driven by their authenticity and unique vision, FIIZ serves as a vessel for raw, unfiltered emotions. Their music isn’t merely a listening experience; it’s an immersive exploration of emotion and identity that leaves listeners spellbound and eager for more. Follow their musical journey on Instagram @FIIZmusic.

Juniper Honey

Juniper Honey is a growing alt-rock band originally out of Southern California, but now based in San Luis Obispo. Original members Jake Hesse (lead vocals, guitar) and Donovan Hess (drums) began their journey together in 2020, playing various venues from SoCal to the Central Coast with their old band. In the later months of 2022, Jake and Don picked up guitarist Cason LeSueur and bassist Josh West to officially form Juniper Honey. With a few homemade numbers, the group immediately hit the studio and plan on releasing their first studio work throughout 2023.

Malachy Tuohy

Malachy Tuohy is an Irish singer and songwriter known for his soulful voice, down-to-earth songwriting style and musical versatility. He is a member of the Irish band the Riptide Movement, with whom he has earned international recognition and a gold-selling, number 1 album, with hit songs such as “All Works Out” and “Elephant in the Room”. In addition to his work with the Riptide Movement, Tuohy writes and collaborates with a host of artists and will release his first solo album titled I Cross This Universe in June 2023. Born out of the covid lockdown, I Cross This Universe showcases Tuohy’s impressive range as an artist and songwriter. With exceptional production by Gavin Glass and special guest performances from Albert Lee, Moya Brennan, Rachel Grace, Beth McNinch and Paul Brennan. “I Cross This Universe” is a beautiful offering that solidifies Tuohy’s place as one of Ireland’s great songwriters and performers.


Leezy is a master of contrasts.

At just 21 years old, the Chicago-based singer-songwriter exudes a wisdom far beyond her years. Leezy is unable to remember a time when she wasn’t singing — she recalls a musical childhood, surrounded by theater and the arts. She’s kept a daily journal since she was ten years old, always ready to be in touch with her internal dialogue.

At first, Leezy was resistant to the idea of pursuing music seriously, considering it a refreshing hobby. In a role reversal not experienced by many young creatives, it was actually her mother who encouraged her to consider a professional route, even buying her an electric keyboard. Leezy continued writing and recorded her first song upon arriving in Chicago at age 18.

Following her youth in the Bay Area, Leezy faced (and overcame) a new challenge. Young adulthood proved to be a battlefield of depression and addiction for the artist, and she made the decision to admit herself into treatment. Her time there was healing in more ways than one: not only was Leezy able to receive professional help, she also began to see her music in a new light. From a talent show among other patients to times of introspection during outpatient treatment, Leezy realized that music was, in fact, her calling. Becoming sober at nineteen is a victory in and of itself, and Leezy was ready to dive into the next chapter of her life with enthusiasm.

Now, Leezy has worked to lock in her own sound, never relinquishing the memory of her darker chapters. Managing to incorporate the rock elements of the late 90s and early 2000s into her bright sound, Leezy matches her penchant for the gritty and authentic with her honest stories. She is inspired by the likes of Elliot Smith but speaks to a new generation with her unique life experience, hoping to make listeners feel less alone in their individual journeys, particularly other young people.

Her latest single, “Sierra,” is a hopeful, dramatic ode to the resilience of the human spirit and will be available everywhere on March 11th. With vocals reminiscent of Lana Del Rey, honesty in the style of Billie Eilish, and a full backing band to bring everything to life, “Sierra” is Leezy’s most vulnerable work yet — an impressive feat, considering her existing catalogue.

In her own words, Leezy describes the track as a chronicle of her journey from rock bottom to sobriety, an accomplishment for which she recently acknowledged the two-year mark. “The biggest thing is that the song is about my own personal journey, and that’s where I drew inspiration from — but regardless of if you’ve struggled with addiction, everyone has struggled with something, and everyone can relate to the feeling of wanting to get better.”

She shares that once she got sober, a flurry of emotions came flooding in. The song spilled out of her, almost organically, in a moment she describes as a cathartic process. “Sierra” is a reminder of how far the young artist has come and an exciting window into all the stories she still has to share.

Leezy is continuing to hone her craft and looks forward to the day she and her piano can connect with audiences face to face. She is a singer-songwriter crafting a world of dream-pop — and inviting the listener in to spend time with her there.

After all, she says, there’s nothing better than a Hollywood ending.

Wild the Coyote

Wild the Coyote is the new dark voice of outlaw music, forging his own lane with a gritty and roaring sound, rooted in blues and rock n roll. Coyote has a thrilling and unique style that truly makes him one of a kind. His music is pushing the boundaries of country music with bursts of punk and pop in a way that’s all his own. Wild the Coyote captivates listeners with his cinematic storytelling, catchy hooks, and electrifying performances.

From growing up in a small farm town on California’s central coast to exploring big city living in Los Angeles, Coyote would try and find his way in the music industry by forming the punk-rock band, Gunpowder Secrets upon moving to Hollywood in 2007.  The band would find notable success along the way as a local L.A. act, but not enough to make dreams come true. In 2013, Coyote stepped away from the band to pursue a more personal endeavor and found his new sound and voice as a modern outlaw-country artist. Tapping into his small town roots, rough punk style, and replacing live drums with electronic beats, he was able to discover exactly how he wanted to create, write and deliver his fresh take on traditional music. Wild the Coyote is a captivating musician with invigorating rhythm and a dark, poetic lyrical style. I paint a picture like tales from the Wild West told by a very weathered and lonely soul,” he explains. I put a dark twist on my lyrics to take them as far as I can in order to give someone chills”

Wild the Coyote’s music can be found on stages and screens worldwide, most recently featured in Paramount Pictures’ hit series, Yellowstone and praised in Rolling Stone. Over the last few years, Coyote has spent significant time on the road, playing stages all over the country.  From the Harley Davidson museum in Milwaukee to the SlumFest music festival in Nashville, it is apparent that Coyote is building his audience far and wide. In the fall of 2019, Coyote landed as the opening act for Interscope Records recording artist Yelawolf, on his North American GhettoCowboy Tour, taking them throughout the US and Canada.  With two EPs already under his belt, Coyote is gearing up to release his latest EP, 7 Roses, featuring the lead single Silver Round Bullet.”  Visit to stay up to date with his upcoming music and tour dates.

Remy Reilly

19-year-old Remy Reilly is an indie-pop, singer-songwriter from Dallas, TX. Her love for music began early on with her singing at the age of 2. By the time she was five years old, she was already writing her own music. Inspired by artists like James Supercave, Foster the People, ZZ Ward, and Local Natives, this teenage powerhouse is a force to be reckoned with and a fresh new face in the alt-pop music scene. A songwriter wise beyond her years, Remy is also well versed in playing the piano, drums, and guitar, giving all her shows, whether full band, duo, or solo, an exciting and creatively unique edge. She is known for her versatile musical style and expressive vocals that depict her music in an authentic and refreshing way.

Remy Reilly has opened for several big-name acts, including OneRepublic, Joan Osborne, Haley Reinhart, and Marc Rebillet, and has performed at SXSW, The Bluebonnet Festival,  and The Gathering Music Festival. She’s been nominated for 4 Dallas Observer Awards, winning Best New Act in 2018, and was featured in the Dallas Observer, Texas Lifestyle Magazine, Dallas Magazine, Paper City Magazine, and more. Her EP, Avalanche, produced by Matt Pence and Sarah Jaffee, is an eclectic collection of bops and a ballad about a young woman’s struggles and experiences while growing up. The record received praise from Music Connection Magazine, Prelude Press, and Twangville, accumulated over 100K streams on Spotify, and received airplay on several radio stations, including KXT 97.1FM, KACV 89.9FM, and SoCal Sound 88.5FM. With more music on the way, Remy is solidifying her place in the indie-pop music scene. Keep up with her by visiting

Hot Bodies In Motion

Hot Bodies In Motion was formed by good friends Scott Johnson and Ben Carson in a Seattle basement 12 years ago. Both Johnson and Carson share a religious upbringing, which shaped their musical interests early as Johnson picked up guitar and Carson learned bass. By immersing themselves into their community, the duo explored a variety of musical outlets, such as high school choir and gigs at local farmer’s markets. After meeting in college choir, Carson and Johnson eventually started to jam together in their free time, which led to the creation of Hot Bodies In Motion.

Tracing their influences to various artists, ranging from Pharrell Williams and The Black Keys to

Rage Against the Machine and Mariah Carey, Hot Bodies In Motion is a powerful blend of throwback rock, dripping with soulful swagger that is equal parts fervent and sensual. With inescapable guitar hooks, pulsing rhythms, and a vintage vibe, Hot Bodies in Motion both promises and delivers. The duo has collaborated with notable artists such as Macklemore, Natalie from JOSEPH, and Allen Stone. Furthermore, they’ve championed major media outlets with placements in the Lionsgate Film Abduction, Netflix’s Lucifer, and NBC’s The Night Shift.

After a 10-year hiatus, Johnson and Carson are back and better than ever. Their first single back, “All Night,” paved the way for their upcoming EP, Fortune, dropping later this year. Fortune explores themes of difficult decisions in life that keep us up at night, being there for a loved one in crisis, and learning to embrace things outside of our control. Their unique sound, described as “baby-making mammal funk,” gives the duo creative freedom as they break genres. Stay up to date with Hot Bodies In Motion’s upcoming releases by following them on Spotify,  Instagram @HotBodiesInMotion, and by visiting

Anna Graceman

Saying Anna Graceman is a versatile songstress would be an understatement. She is well-rounded a songwriter, producer, and musician; her instruments include vocals, piano, guitar, and bass. Her powerful and dynamic vocals are influenced by strong female vocalists such as Ann Wilson from Heart, Adele, and Amy Winehouse. Since the age of 9, she has been on national and local television, including an appearance and performance on The Ellen Show and American’s Got Talent.  The Nashville-based artist has released dozens of songs under her own record label, Another Girl Records. In 2015, Anna’s song “Treble Heart” went viral on​ ​​ receiving worldwide attention. It was then sampled by Vice in the song “Steady 1234” feat. Jasmine Thomson & Skizzy Mars. The song has since accumulated over 100 million streams. In 2018, Anna was a part of “She Is The Music,” an all-female writing camp focused on writing songs for Mary J. Blige.

Anna Graceman has had two Las Vegas residencies at Caesars Palace Colosseum and the Venetian’s Palazzo Theater and she has shared the stage with artists like The Lumineers, Kacey Musgraves, Beck, and more. Her music has been placed on TV shows like Station 19 and most recently, she appeared on this season of NBC’s hit show, Songland where she pitched her own song to pop star, Bebe Rexha. In 2019, she set a goal of releasing a new song and video every month, all leading up to the release of her latest album, The Way The Night Behaves. Follow Anna’s journey by visiting